Just something to irritate MOST of you :P

woohoomanApril 7, 2014

Here's my 10 day forecast.

If it makes you feel any better, my lettuces are done and my cilantro is flowering.


Here is a link that might be useful: Summer for a week

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you did a good job of irritating me.

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

We have 80 for a few days, then down into the 70s I don't like it too hot too fast! Nancy

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Now that I have high tunnels to play around in, I'm much more happy with my own climate. As an example:
4" soil temperature outside this afternoon: 35 F
4" soil temperature inside the tunnel: 58 F

I can't believe I gardened without them before! I just got done transplanting about 1000 sq feet of beets, swiss chard, turnips and kale in the tunnel - outside it's still a muddy mess.

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Ah, I've heard tell of this thing called sun and warmth. Now back to the cold & dank for me.

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It's supposed to be 60 later today - but rainy most of the week. I don't envy you the 90's - too hot for me! I just started hardening off my lettuce 2 days ago - haven't put it outside today yet b/c of the rain. Was hoping to transplant it this weekend but now I see next Wed we might get snow - have to keep an eye on that, I don't trust 10-day forecasts.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Ha ha ha! It didn't irritate me so much as made me go *yuck*! I think it's because any 90ð days here include ungodly humidity! We are scheduled some lovely 60-70ð days for our week, so I'm happy with what I have. :)

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zzackey(8b GA)

77 here and tons of rain. Just picked a flat headed cabbage today.

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LOL. Didn't seem to irritate as many as I thought it would. That's good --everybody is taking the weather in stride.

Yes. The 90's sound bad, but not this time of year-- the humidity is so low that it "feels" just extra 'warm." I actually hate HOT, but these 90's aren't bad at all. No a/c needed at all yesterday. Plus it'll warm the soil up nicely for my toms and peppers. Not too disappointed with my lettuces(I should have planted more in Feb), but we had 6 months of fresh, so it's all good. I just hope my onions come through, not the greatest of direct sunlight and they're, all of a suddenly, expensive. Kale and Chard keep trucking like they always do.

Now, if I can only afford the water this summer. :(


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zzackey(8b GA)

We have a well. I haven't had to pay for water since 1989 in New Jersey. When it's 90 here it is humid. Our electric bill isn't bad, but we haven't had a break yet this year. We keep having cold spells. Just when I think it's gotta be over, we get another one.

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NOW I'm a little irritated (actually envious). I'm dying for FRESH produce, maybe in a month my greens will be ready.

I'm with you on the electric (heating) bill - supposed to be 29 as a low tomorrow AM, next week they're saying snow on a 33-degree night. Mid-30's is about normal low here right now. So if I get the lettuce starts out this weekend with the rain they're predicting, I'll probably have to do some row cover.

Love the emails from Organic Gardening, etc. saying about fresh peas, etc. in season now - I haven't even planted any, still too cold and wet, don't want them to rot. Just got back from grocery store - asparagus $2/lb, I was going to buy some but then saw it was from Mexico. Come on, it's gotta be in season somewhere on the East Coast!

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

That is not irritating to me. It is in the mid to upper 70's here for day time highs. Lows in the .ow 50's. Though within the next 60 days lows will be in the 80's with highs in the low triple digits. Top that off with high humidity.

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO

I have lettuce outside that I transplanted a week ago that refuses to grow any bigger because despite our lovely mid 50's daytime temps, we have lows in the 20's. Same with the mustard. It all sprouted nice, but now it doesn't want to grow any bigger until it gets warmer overnight temps. The only thing that seems to not have gone on strike right now is about half of the onions. It's going to be May before any of my cool season crops decide to grow and then it's straight to seed cuz day temps will be too high. There's just no pleasing some people (err, plants?).

I don't envy the 90's still too early for that crap, but steady 70's would be awful nice. Instead we get 3 days of 70F and then snow in forecast for this weekend, yippy!

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