Perpetual container garden

adriennemb2(z3/4)August 18, 2011

I love foliage-only container gardening but find that I need to start anew each year. I don't have a reserve garden for over-wintering nor am I able to bring into the house most of the plants that have been happily flourishing over the summer. Neighbours love me because I end up giving them lots in the fall! Strangers love me because I also leave plants at the bottom of my driveway with a sign saying "free".

Besides some cuttings that I can easily keep from the reach of the cats, the only containers I bring inside are those planted with hen and chicks or sedum. These little troopers seem to get by with maybe monthly watering and only dim winter light. In the spring, back outside they go, somewhat gaunt and pale, sometimes needing a few replacements to fill in the bare spots. I'm okay with that little bit of success.

How do you all make your container plantings last?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sedum ball

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Oh my goodness, your seedum ball is beautiful. I'm so glad I followed the link.

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I'm a few zones warmer than you, but I've overwintered hardy perennials for many years in containers by moving them against a wall, stuffing bags of leaves around them, and tipping them sideways so water won't collect in them and freeze.
I've overwintered daylilies tons), jacob's ladder (variegated- great foliage), hardy hibiscus, veronica (speedwell), potentilla, "monarch's velvet", etc.
Hope that helps.
That Is a great Sedum ball!
Wish I was your neighbor lol ;)

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I have to admire your tenacity at continuing to container garden in a 3/4 zone !! Wow, I thought it was hard in zone 5b. :)

However, when we leave everything here for the winter and go south, it is always the chives which survive, and they were first planted three years ago. I just set the pot against the south side of our garden shed, sort of tipped sideways. I also set the pot into another slightly larger pot and use a little bit of paper around it. My document shredder comes in very handy for creating such mulch.

Trying to keep container plants indoors where there are cats can be challenging, even with hanging baskets. If you have a basement room where you can shut the door against their incursion, that might help somewhat. I'm basically a zone 8B gardener, a real beginner in colder climate gardening, so your zone gardening is awesome to me.

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Hey, I'm a real northerner. I lived for years in zone 1b so zone 3/4 is a huge treat for me. I would love to try to garden in even warmer climes but think it would be like learning a whole new language!

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