potted up most seedlings but don't seem to be growing

srg215(6b nj)April 4, 2012

i potted up many of my tomato seedlings but they don't seem to be growing as well as the ones i left in the self-watering starter cells. i used the leftover stuff from the starter cells & added a good potting soil into a peat pot but they don't seem to be getting bigger/stronger like the ones still in the cell. i think i may not have been watering enough. will they bounce back?

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Yeah, they will. Depending on how rough you were with them while transplanting them, they may simply be suffering transplant shock. It usually goes away in about a week and then they'll catch back up.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Yes, give them a couple of days. It may not even be transplant shock but just a matter of them growing root first, soon to be followed by top growth. It took me a week to get all mine potted up, and the ones I did first are almost an inch bigger than the ones I finished up yeaterday. A pretty substantial difference, considering they are still forming their second set of leaves. Oh, and also I have noticed that the ones in bigger pots look small for a while because the pot dwarfs them, just a trick of the eye. Don't water them unless they are almost dry, which you test by picking up the pots to see how heavy they are. Overwatering causes many problems including slow growth. Cheers!

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