Replenishing Nutrients to Container's Soil After Growing Season Q

jollygreenpimp(9)August 6, 2009

How do you guys replenish the nutrients in the soil after the growing season economically besides just buying new soil?

I don't have much space so container gardening is the way I'm going.

Fertilizer, compost, etc.? If so what kind? Brand? Costs?

Please tell me your suggestions and ideas. Costs is also to be taken into consideration.

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shanielynn(9, Englewood FL)

You have been registered here much longer than I have, so my info may be pointing you in a direction you've already been...
I guess it depends on what kind of soil you started with. This link should put you in the right direction.

Hope it is helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: Fertilizer Program for Containerized Plants

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The problem with answering your question, is we have no way of knowing what you used for soil that you now want to replenish. I have not seen any bagged soil mix for sale that would be worth replenishing for another season. What are you using and what do you plan on planting in it if it replenished? Al

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

First, in container culture you cannot rely on either the soil or what you originally mixed into the soil to supply your plants nutrition. You MUST fertilize if you want to have healthy plantings (with only a few exceptions for the odd plant here & there). Your question should be "What do you do to ensure the structural integrity of the soil after the first year; or, can you suggest a fertilizer program for my containerized plants.

Some do and some won't reuse their soils. For lengthy discussions on that subject, do a search of this forum with the searchwords reuse soil. For fertilizer suggestions, you might wish to start at the thread linked to below & then formulate any additional questions you might have.

Best of luck. ;o)


Here is a link that might be useful: Fertilizing

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