Need privacy help???

kyle.dJune 17, 2014

I was looking for a hedge or tree that I could put along my property line so my neibors could not see me in my pool.I need something that does not grown over 8ft and does not take up a lot of space as I only have a .37 acre lot. I live in central florida. Thanks

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Here's a scheme that might be useful for you ... a post and swag screen that uses vines for cover. The advantage is controlled height and limited spread in addition to ultra rapid cover (in weeks, not months or years.) This is two different methods to achieve the same thing, with the chain and string scheme being the less expensive, easiest to install and easiest to remove, if necessary ... even on a temporary basis. Annual vines cover quickly, but need periodic replenishment. Perennial vines usually make serious headway during their second year. The posts (and chain) must be sturdy. Use thin wire rope hammer-stapled to posts for the other method.

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this is scheme with chain @ top:

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