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mowersJune 19, 2010

I had a landscaper redo the front of my home. He installed english boxwoods in the rear, and then some rheingold arborvitae and barberrys in front. In doing some research, it appears the arborvite and barberrys get very large (like many feet high and wide). Although they are very small now (the reingold being an almost perfect ball), can they be continually trimmed to keep them in proportion to the boxwoods in the rear (which should be taller)? Or are they untrimmable and get woody if you keep cutting them. But then again, you can keep trimming bonsai plants too.

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Rheingolds can reach 5-7' high, 4-8' wide.
Can be sheared to maintain a certain size. People shear them to achieve some geometric shape even though the natural shape of the Rheingold Arborviate is almost a globe. It will grow slightly taller than wide over time and become more pear shaped.

There are many varieties of barberry. I don't know of any that can't be cut, trimmed, pruned to a workable size for you... the only requirement being a stout pair of gloves.

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