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InfromthecoldAugust 16, 2013

Moved here from MN August 2012 have redone our front courtyard & it is doing well. My problem is a small patio about 6x16 on north side of gets morning & late afternoon sun. I cannot seem to keep hanging baskets or annuals in containers alive. I have to hand water. I would like to try more container gardening there but not sure what to try. I saw a picture of containers with succulents that was attractive Are some better than others for containers? We are in a townhouse in Sun City so cannot expand. thanks for any ideas.

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Succulents are wonderful for container plantings! I grow a selection myself and prefer them in containers, simply because they don't appreciate our wet and sometimes too cold winters. In containers, I can just schlepp them indoors or into a more protected setting. Doubt you would need to worry much about that in Las Vegas, however.

Pretty much any succulent can be grown in containers....just keep in mind some get big and therefore often very heavy and others can develop serious weaponry in the way of thorns or sharp, dagger-like points. Look for a very durable and fast draining soil mix, like Al's gritty mix or comparable cactus mix. These also tend to be pretty lightweight, which is a help. And most succs have rather shallow root systems as well, so big pots not always needed (although tall is often great for staging and overall aesthetics).

I'd consider a visit to your local independent garden center and see what they have in stock. Likely they will have some pre-planted containers you can use for inspiration but they will certainly have a section of appropriate plants. And I would not necessarily limit it to only succulents. There are lots of very drought and heat tolerant plants suited to containers. It's just that most annuals or typical hanging basket plants are not :-)

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I...good advice above. Well-draining soil is most important. However, the exception is hanging baskets. Because of their design...they dry out much quicker.

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thanks for info on soil for succulents

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