can't clear out the grass

BetsyDicksApril 17, 2013

I have a lovely back yard with beautiful soil and have tried the past few years to have a nice little vegetable garden. My husband works and doesn't have much time to help me with it. Biggest problem: digging up the dirt and getting rid of the grass to make a garden bed. I don't work. I have lots of time but my health is bad and I can't do heavy work. And our grass is rooted firmly. I don't know what kind it is. He just doesn't have the time or energy to clear much space thoroughly. I really want to grow some corn since I had some come up in spite of being ignored one year and it wasn't half bad. As long as I keep the area free from pests and mold/mildew problems, is there any reason I can't grow the corn without completely clearing the grass? I hope this makes sense. Thanks

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

You could use a rototiller and really tear up the grass..

Or what I do is: tarp the area heavily(no sun, nor air) and wait a summer, the grass should be smothered by next growing season...

Or you could lay cardboard down and add some soil/compost on top and plant in that..

Just smother the grass with any material you have(tarps,cardboard, newspaper,etc), just make sure it's thick enough so light cant penetrate and it wil kill the grass... It takes a few monthes, though... if you dont have the time to wait, as I said lay down cardboard and pile soil ontop of that, and plant... You could probably even torch the grass, but that will likely harm the soil.. There are so many ways to kill grass.. You ever not rake your lawn in fall and comes spring your grass is all brown and dead? Start smothering it with whatever you have, it barely takes any strenuous work, it's just a waiting game..

Good luck,

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Just cover the area you want to use with several layers of wet cardboard and then build the bed on top of it.


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Agreed with others - raised bed type the way to go with vegetables. Besides being in the queen of weed states, I am gardening in red clay with an abundance of annoying critters around. I lay down hardware cloth first, then cardboard, and use some kind of siding to create a bed (I have three brick/cinderblock beds and several 3x3 plastic beds), and fill it with compost & topsoil. It doesn't keep the weeds out forever, but it does a pretty good job, and no struggling with digging.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I don't think the grass would bother if you can remove enough to plant the seeds. Just water the corn and no where else. I understand completely about being disabled. I try hard, but there's not much there to give. My husband is busy with church duties or in his own world. Just try and mulch the corn well after it is big enough. Corn is a heavy feeder according to what I read online. Good luck and hang in there!!

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

You have to smother the grass with something, or you'll be growing grass, not corn! I had great succes laying cardboard down, pile soil, and plant in that.. I dont even mulch the front flower beds because the rich, dark compost looks nice with the bright flowers.. I have very very few weeds because you never disturb the soil,etc... I might pull weeds twice a year, seriously.

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thanks everyone......I was also thinking about a raised bed.....and we're fixing to get rid of a bunch of cardboard boxes so perfect! Thanks!

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When I lived in the Denver area we had sandy soil and all I did was till the grass under and never had to worry about it coming back. I planted soon after using a tiller without any problems. So it can depend on your soil and conditions. Using lots of newspaper or cardboard should also cut back on all that hard work.

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greenmulberry(5-Iowa City)

Just another to say that laying cardboard, then dirt, works great.

I build a frame for the bed right on top of flattened cardboard, on my thick lawn sod, and fill with finished compost that I get in bulk, and plan right in that, works great.

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

2-3 layers of carboard over the grass and leave for a years - or build the raised bed over.

Don't just put the raised bed on top of the grass and fill with dirt, some will come through.

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sweetquietplace(6 WNC Mtn.)

For the past couple of years, I've been using 20% vinegar for weed and grass control. I like it. My jug says Maestro-Gro on it. Try googling it for more info.

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