Containers in hurricane

mariouAugust 24, 2011

All of plants are grown on my terrace on the 15th floor of an apartment building. Hurricane Irene is due to be in the proximity of NYC on Sunday. Can anyone guess the likelihood of small (8") or medium (up to 14") size pots being knocked over or borne aloft by hurricane winds? I am unable to bring all my plants indoors prior to the projected time the hurricane will reach Manhattan.


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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

A hurricane can toss a car like a childs toy ,so what do you guess ?

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I would suggest you bring them inside. You can use your bathtubs to hold quit a few. That's what I do down here in FL. I bought some of those locker shelves and can fit a few on top of the smaller ones in the tub. I hate to bring them in because of ants and other bugs, but I don't want to lose any or have them flying like missiles. I'm glad IRENE is further east, but my son and daughter are in Staten Island NY, so they will get the storm up there.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

I live in Virginia Beach and i will tell you that im bringing in all samll containers and anything that will fly through my windows....

The large containers (plumeria) are tied down to the railing, but after looking at the new rethinking that too! They all will probably ( small) will head into the greenhouse ( if that makes it..) then the large trees will either come inside, (30) and the large palms in containers , will lay down on the side of the house.

If i were NY, bring them inside. They will become projectiles and cause more damage to your windows or someones elses property.

We are having to tie down all of the lawn furniture together and remove anything else that can fly away....

After the Earthquske here a couple of days ago, and now this hurricane....everyone here is taking this quite seriously.

Norfolk has seen all battleships, Aircraft carries and the fleet sent out to sea....jets here at Oceana are flying all night preparing to head west, Huge Transports are flying in over head to carry out other aricraft...

Now they are predicting sustained winds of 80# and gust up to 110 yikes....

Batten Down The Hatches....

Take Care everyone...

Laura in VB

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Indoors is better, that's for sure. Maybe in a closet if no where else is available. Outside, you can expect the wind to whip them around and around, like a top. Hurricane force winds twist the tops out of 100 foot tall pines like match sticks, I saw it happen.

In my 74 years along the Gulf Coast, first thing we always do is to move light weight objects into a sheltered area, because stuff that flies around becomes a missile. Once your windows are broken, your home is at the mercy of mother nature. If you absolutely cannot bring your flower pots indoors for any reason, think about dragging them up against the building and laying them on their sides. This might protect the trunk of taller bushes/trees from being flayed/skinned alive. Clump them all close together, and seek the side of your house away from the direction of the winds.

I thought when I came north to New England I'd be out of the way of hurricanes, and now just look what is happening!!! Drats. Hopefully anticipation is the worst of it, and you will all give a big sigh of relief after it passes. As much as they predict the path of these giants of nature, at the last minute it will go where it darn well pleases.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

YES!!! Right for us....Uggg!

Looks like an interesting weekend...

Mandatory evacuations here in Virginia Beach...

Now they have declared a state of emergency....

Gas stations are out of gas...

What a mess..

I hve decided to bring all of my trees inside...some large palms will be placed on their side on the south side of the house. All of the lawnn furniture tied together... and anything thst can become a "missle" is taken in or like Mocc said...placed somewhere where it cant fly around and break your own windows...

looks like we are in the bullseye....

Hope to be back on line soon....LOL!!!!

See YA!!!

Laura in VB

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My recommendation is that you move everything inside. On a 15th floor I would expect sustained winds to be above 100 mph for the duration of the hurricane, with gusts reaching 120 mph or more. I live in Puerto Rico, where hurricanes are commonplace, and I have seen large trees uprooted by smaller hurricanes than Irene. As other people have commented containers may become projectiles under hurricane conditions. Under a direct impact I would expect a small survival rate if plants are left outside.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropical Systems and your garden

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PVick(6b NYC)

I'm on the eleventh floor of a building in NYC, and I brought all my plants inside - big and small. Having 'survived' Hurricane Hugo when it hit the U.S.V.I. in 1989, I'm well aware of how they work. Granted, Hugo was a Cat 5, and Irene came in as a Cat 1, but better safe than sorry. Plus, my (huge!) tomato plants are full of fruit - I had no intention of losing my toms!

It was a big PITA to find space inside for everything, but I'm glad I made the effort. Now, to get them all back outside ...


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Laura: I am so glad you are ok. I was thinking of you and all those beautiful plants you have. Oh I hope they all made it ok!

I am hoping everyone is safe here along with your plants.

I left mine outside and took a chance so they would get all that much needed natural perfect pH rain. They all did ok except for a couple that got tossed like toys. They seem to be thriving with all this rain and holding up well behind the wall of my home out of all that dreaded wind.

I hope yours fared well Mariou.


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