Which professional designations should I look for?

deee_gwJune 23, 2012

We need some help with drainage issues. We live on an island and our house is raised for flood insurance purposes. Half of the house is open inderneath, the other half has a concrete block garage. The lot slopes slightly down from the road to a pond in the backyard. Right now rain water runs directly under the house and hits the back corner of the concrete block garage trying to get to the pond. So far there has been no significant damage but we know we need to get it fixed.

Do I need a landscape architect, engineer or some other professional? I'd like to be able to go to the website of the "national association of people who are qualified to desgn drainage" so I can find some names. Thanks for reading.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

I would recommend an engineer.
There are engineers who specialize in just drainage, they are called Drainage Engineers.
You could also check out a civil engineer and in some cases a geo-technical engineer will also have the background to adequately address your problem.

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If you want it to function correctly, hire an engineer. If you want it to function correctly and be pretty, hire a landscape architect. They are perfectly apt to handle drainage and grading. (Some might not not like to do this kind of work so ask about their experience with it. For example, I have been trained to design and layout a road, but I have zero interest in that type work so it will never happen. I'm sure I've forgotten half of the process by now.)

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I've gone to the American Society of Landscape Architects website and also the website of my state chapter to look for names. Despite going through the sign up process, the websites will not allow me to look at their list of members. Anyone know the reason why?

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