garden bed redesign

v1rtu0s1ty(5a)June 9, 2013

Good evening folks,

Is it a good idea if I will just make the bed straight rather than curvy?

This is my existing although I created this image about 2 years ago.

Click to open in a new window and to display actual size.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Can you post a drawing that includes the patio and pergola and any beds that might be around the patio? Personally, wavy bed edges for no reason drive me nuts! :-) I prefer to 'shape the negative space' (negative space usually equals the lawn....) and let the beds be the residual, instead of the other way around. A shaped lawn is a very powerful (IMO) element in the garden.

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Will do. I will measure the patio and pergola. I also measured my beds before I drew it.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

I can't remember... does your house have the steep sideyards down to a walk-out lower level or is the backyard more or less level with the main floor? If it's got the steep side yards, pictures of that would be useful to see how you've addressed that....

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I designed my backyard space last year using curved rather than straight lines since it's what appealed to me. I had a landscaper, but I was the ultimate decision maker. The curved area encompassing the bed has a two flagstone high wall as the outline, approximately 10" high. I've also used a more symmetrical design because I think it has a nicer flow as well as more pleasing to the eye, but again, just my taste. Do you not need/want privacy? I've used more trees(Crape Myrtle)to help block out a neighbors house. When the trees are full grown, and trimmed at a certain height, they'll have served their purpose.

I think you first need to decide what you want to accomplish with your landscaping. For me it was the privacy issue, as well as a 'park-like' atmosphere(lots of trees). Nothing worse than spending money and not accomplishing your goal. ;o)

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Not really much about privacy. I would like something that would wow me everytime I look at it and that won't break my bank. :)

As much as possible, I'll be the one to do it like how I've been doing it before. Maybe, I should reduce the wavy/curves similar to the picture on the other thread.

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Hi - did you do that design yourself? What software?
I am in the process of mapping out our new -to-us lot and I have no artistic ability :)

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