Moved and need to restart garden....

luv2gardengirlJF(7)September 6, 2011

ok I just moved from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia area (PA) and I need to start my gardening all over.... :( Any suggestions on what I can plant now? I always start from seeds under lights in winter but I don't want to wait that long!!! :(

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Greens, maybe cilantro and parsley, kale. Good luck.

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I am in Maryland and I just started my fall crop from seed last sunday it is a mix of many diffrent salad greens, kale, super sugar snap peas, and broccoli i don't know if the broccoli is going to get there but I figured it is worth a shot. They are under my lights which I am running 24 hours a day after one week and one day from planting I have true leaves on all plants already and will be transplanting at the end of the week when it stops raining. I also know that raddishes are a very fast crop at only about 30 days or so with very good tolerance to cold great fall and early srping crop. There are many things you can plant still you just need to start asap.
Good Luck
Happy Growing

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Don't forget radishes.



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