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tpurgasonJune 7, 2014

How would you paint this canvas? :) Hi everyone! I'm new to gardening. This is our first home and I'm having trouble getting a vision for our front yard. We live at the end of the cup-de-sac so there's not much to work with. We're in zone 8b in San Antonio, TX.

I originally thought I'd do italian cypress trees on either side of the far left window. I also like the look hydrangeas with hostas as a border and maybe some ornamental grass. I'm concerned the hydrangeas will need to much water as we have water restrictions here. I'm not too fond of the magnolia tree there. Also considering landscaping along side the driveway...maybe...I'd be so thankful for any insight and opinions!

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If there were two things I'd for sure NOT do, it would be planting along the edge of the drive and Italian cypresses at the sides of the window. Envisioning the ultimate conclusion of these approaches should help convince.

It looks as if conditions are not ideal because of a tight squeeze with the lot line. Well, one must play the hand one is dealt. Some Italian cypress in the background near the fence might look good.

I would definitely pay attention to having perfect, velvet-like, weed-free grass in this small yard.

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Hi Yardvaark,

Thanks so much for your response! Yes, we are dealing with a very small, awkward shaped lot. Your drawing does clean it up nicely. What kind of tree might that be in your pic? Also, what kid of software or program do you use to add those images to my pic? Thank you!

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I saw a juniper tree here that would work well. But what do you see in your neighborhood that could possibly make such a tree for your climate and conditions?

Graphics is made by MS Paint.

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I dislike the way you have blocked the view of your entrance with shrubs. They look like Nandina which over the years would create a shrub wall of sorts. Do not landscape along the driveway. (Unless you mean the other side of the driveway.)

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Emmarene, yes you're right. It looks so much better without anything in front of the entrance. Something I would've never thought of. I am not sure what is planted in front of our entrance but it does look like Nandina after I looked it up. I showed my husband Yardvaark's drawing and he was really impressed by how much nicer it looked.

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In addition to getting rid of the "trip hazard" (planting in front of entrance), I also added a little paving in order to make the entrance way look and feel more spacious and inviting. ...Also cut and edged the lawn. Back later with Weed and Feed!

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