Expanding Concrete Patio

doughJune 8, 2006

We currently want to expand our concrete patio to give us more space, maybe for a hot tub. We have discussed a ground level wood deck, adding an additional concrete slad or using paving stones or something similar. I am currently leaning towards the stone/paver idea.

My question is, if we expand off our slab patio using paver or some other type of stone how "wierd" will that look. My wife does not want me to remove the current concrete patio, but I am not for sure if going the stone route will look good having the two contrast not only in texture, but color etc.

I though about moving the new patio over several feet and having a small garden between the 2. Or my second thought is to slighly elevate the new patio by 1-2 inches.

Anybody have any ideas or experience?

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gemfire(z9/10 AZ)

Hello Dough,

I'm considering adding onto my patio by using one of those walkmakers that you put down fill with cement, move to the next spot, until I get the size I want. You can get them different patterns. I got the one for stone look. I plan on cutting into my existing patio slab 1/4" stone shapes, then stain the whole thing with concrete stains so it will all plend together. igotjoy OR posted pics of patio extension he or she did. go up to the search the site and type in igotjoy OR and you'll find it.

Good Luck,
Post pics when you finish so everyone can see how you did.


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my daughter just did this last year. I was skeptical but it looks quite nice. She gets many compliments on it. She used brick pavers in three colors to keep the colors tied together..a natural concrete color, a charcoal and a red. They just blended them, then to make it seem like it was not just a picture frame, they made a path to a nearby gate and hose with the pavers also....planting in the Y it created..works nice..looks quite orginal actually...

What about buying some big 24 by 24 natural concrete stepping stones for the new patio..and using the three color pavers to make a checkerboard pattern on the new deck and to edge the old deck with in a similar pattern to make it blend together..just a thought...

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plantman314(z5-6 StL, MO)

I have done this a few times for clients using pavers. If you want a picture let me know via e-mail, and I'll send you a copy.

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I've seen pictures of nice combinations, so I know it's possible. I don't know what would be the best design for your situation. The first thing would be to really decide WHY you want to expand so that you'll design it to fit that purpose. That will affect whether it should be same level, all one space, 2 spaces, how big or whatever. Depending on your concrete pad, you might be able to add some paver trim around it to coordinate with the "new" patio, or as mentioned above, somehow use 2 colors of pavers to make a color connection. If you achieve a reasonable blending that way, you can also plan some matching perimeter plantings or containers that help link the areas and/or plant to soften the edges-- that can help make a concrete slab look less stark and also reduces the focus on the materials used. Check out leads above, Google or books and you will likely find a idea that fits your situation.

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