weird mystery lettuce

lgteacher(SCal)April 2, 2012

Last fall I purchased a 6 pack of mesculum, including red oak lettuce, mizuna, and green leaf lettuce. I don't know what this is. It has a weird leaf with little pieces sticking out. The other lettuce is long gone, but this lives on.

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It looks like red russian kale,is big enogh so you can cook with it delish in soups,pastas,stir fried,etc...

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looks like kale to me too

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Looks like a collard or Kale to me.

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Thank you! I've been eating it in salads, but now I can try cooking it.

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Definitely Red Russian kale. Pick it aggressively and it will keep spewing out leaves until it decides to bloom. The little flower buds are edible, like broccolini.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

And once it blooms leave it to seed and you will have red Russian kale for years to come. I love this stuff. No effort and delicious greens. Just wash it, shake off the water. Melt a tiny bit of butter in a pan. Put in the greens with only the water that it clinging to the leaves. Put on the lid and cook over a medium heat. They will steam in the little bit of liquid and will be yummy. Oh - and one more thing. It really cooks down, like spinach, so put in a good big handful per person.

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