No gutters and need some ideas. I am new to all of this...

micga(CT)June 7, 2006

I am new to this forum so please forgive the basic question. Our house does not have gutters and we do not plan on getting gutters in the future. As a result, there are a few areas where the rain comes off of the roof and really pounds on the graound. The pitch is away from the house so water does not flow toward the foundation. In the areas that the water hits, I am thinking of putting some small rock beds as "water catchers". Does anyone have any suggestions on the type/size of rock to use, any plantings that I could do in the rock bed or edging to dress it up, etc. Any pictures would be great.


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Why don't you plan to add gutters to your house?

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We don't have gutters on our house either and one thing I can say, unless your yard slopes quite steeply away from the house you will get a snow mountain under the eaves in the winter. This may not be the same problem for you depending on what your house is made of (we have wood siding that the snow starts to slump and freeze against if we do not shovel - we have had to replace the whole back side of our house this past year as the wood was rotted through in places almost to the interior walls from 30 years of this kind of thing) but I would highly recommend some sort of material that you can shovel rather than small rocks. We've put a bluestone patio on one side of our house, in part to make snow removal easier and will be putting down a bluestone walkway with drainage underneath on the other for this purpose.

On the upside, we've never had our roof damaged from ice dams backing up from the gutters!

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Brent_In_NoVA(z7/6 VA)

I don't have any hands on advice for you. I seem to recall that Gordon Hayward addressed this topic in his book "Your House, Your Garden". The thought had crossed my mind to replace a gutter along the back of my house with some like the Rainhandler gutters (see the link below). I was not serious enough about it to do much research or check prices. They seem like a good least in theory.

- Brent

Here is a link that might be useful: Rainhandler gutters

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garasaki(z5 IA)

Look for posts by a member called "IronBelly"

In particular, try searching for his rain-garden posts.

He does not have gutters on his house and has some good solutions and advice on tackling that issue.

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jazzygardener(z4 MN)

We have rain gutters (with screens)on our house and we're not one bit impressed with them.We have lots of long needle pine trees and a huge sugar maple in the back yard so our gutters are always clogged. The pine needles collect on the gutter screens. The older we get the more we hate cleaning the gutters and climbing that tall ladder. They were put one by a professional but because of the pitch of the roof the water overflows the gutters and runs down the side of the house.They were a waste of money.I would like to know how to landscape around our house for drainage and just get rid of the gutters once and for all.

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You might want to try a rain barrel. They work great for collecting water in places where guttering is unavailable or in your case if you don't have gutters.You can find rain barrels by following this link.

Best Regards,

Here is a link that might be useful: Gutter Help. Com

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