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saoodhashimSeptember 30, 2013

Being a new gardener (starting of with vegetable container gardening), I wish to ask some very basic (a.k.a. stupid) questions

1/ How long can small vegetable plants - like a month old (especially tomato, cucumber, pepper, carrots, potatoes etc.) survive without light?

2/ They generally say that when the seeds germinate (again vegetables), bring it under bright light (but not direct sunlight). Now what does that mean? I have windows on the eastern and western sides of my apartment - which practically do not receive any direct sunlight - should I keep them there and this should continue for how long? and how much each day should I be doing that? And when should I start taking them in direct sunlight for hardening off before finally putting them in their final place under direct sunlight?

3/ How long can 1 month old vegetable plants survive without water? How about older and / or fruit bearing plants?

4/ How long can 1 month vegetable plants survive under heavy soggy soil? How about older and / or fruit bearing plants?

These sort of question come to my mind - and further I have been into these situations these days, and when I later corrected those, I always feel that though my plant is not dead but will it be worth the time to invest on it only later to find out that I grew a weak plant, whose only future was to die prematurely or not bear any fruits. How this plant science works? :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Rather than focusing on how long something can survive under very poor conditions, you should study up on how to provide the best environment possible.....and do it.

I germinate hundreds of seeds inside....under strong plant lights. Though I have windows facing the S, SW, and SE (full sun all day in Western hemisphere) they cannot provide enough light needed to grow sturdy, stocky, and healthy plants. At least not the vegetable and full sun annuals.

Seedlings are moved outside as soon as weather permits and allowed to sit in an area that recieves full morning sun and afternoon protection. They transition to the garden a couple of weeks after that.

Providing plants with properly balanced amounts of water, oxygen, light, and dissolved nutrients is science and art. Each is critically important for their survival at all stages of development. Deprivation of one impacts the balance of the other three.

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I agree with you, however, those questions were for the purpose of knowing what will happen if a day or two happens with such a scenario as mentioned above. I was not too sure that why I put it that way.

As for the germination. some of my seeds (tomato, pepper, cucumber) have actually germinated just today. I am thinking of providing them with 2 hours of early morning sun and then bringing them inside the house for about 3 weeks when the temperature gets a bit better. They will actually be outside in a container - not in any garden as I dont have any such place. Is what I am planning good enough way to proceed further. Unfortunately, I have no grow lights so that is not a choice for me. How should the seedlings be kept after those 2 hours of early morning sunlight? I mean should they be in a well lit room - no grow lights? near a window sill having no direct sunlight? outside under shade until the temperature really shoots up - like untill 10am and then brought back? Be in the dark, so that they dont stretch towards light.

Appreciate your experienced input.

Just a reminder, the temperature from sunrise starts off at about 70-75F and rises upto 100F by noon. So that is why I am not thinking of keeping them beyond two hours (the temperature is expected to be in the early 80s by then)

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