Ideas for a roundabout

charliegirl78July 14, 2008

We have purchased 3 acres of raw farm land and have made a very large driveway which comes to the house with a very large (horizontal) tear shaped parking pad. Right now its all gravel but we are stumped on what to make the centre portion of the parking area out of. FWIW, we plan on laying out moke material in the shape/size we think we will work before purchasing the materials but right now I'm looking for creative ideas like, recycled tires (husband won't have it), rail ties, hedges (cotonasters). Landscape stones like a retaining wall scare me due to the damage it would cause any vehicle should it be bumped, scratched or hit.

Many thanks.

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Hi, Charliegirl

If I understand you right, you've got a circular driveway and want to do something creative with the center.

If that's the case, what about a tree with wildflowers around it and some split rail fence? Of course, the fence would only work if you've got it elsewhere on your property, but it could be very nice. It would also prevent cars from 'cutting the corners' of your driveway.

...wildflowers in WI -- brown-eyed susans, bergamot, milkweed, etc.

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Tall, ornamental grasses (that are billowy like love grass) are along one side of the island in our paved parking area. They are tall enough for drivers to see when backing out. If they hit the grasses, nothing is damaged. The grasses are pretty flexible and since we cut them back every year, there's no harm done if someone really ran them down (hasn't happened). Then, we have a mix of shrubs, and perennials behind the grasses.

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cynandjon(Z 5/6)

How about a nice shade tree with a bench under it. A path to it through a cottage style garden. Maybe a little water feature.

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