WANTED: Have: Pomegranate and Fig cuttings

palazzophoto(8)December 25, 2013

I recently top trimmed an unknown pomegranate tree and unknown purple fig tree. I have a ton of cuttings! See my page for trades, looking for any fruit that will grow in zone 8/9. If anyone has a large amount of Asian persimmon scion they would trade that would be awesome.

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I would love some fig cuttings! I have mostly just seeds, would you be interested in passion fruit?

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I have celeste fig cuttings, a few fuyu persimmon cuttings, elberta peach cuttings and anna hardy kiwi cuttings. I might be interested in pear and pomegranite cuttings.

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sent you an email! would love some cuttings- new here so havent set up my list yet but i am getting on it!

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Would love to have 6 pomegranate and several fig. I have very big Asian persimmons on my tree tell me how to save them and if you would trade Judy

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I have the Japanese Fuyu variety, and it makes very big persimmons. Just let me know how many cuttings you'd like , and I will decide on something from your for trade list..According to what I saw there, the black mulberry and the unknown peach kind of strike my fancy. It would be hard to choose between them...LOL

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