Adding Water Soluble Fertilizer to SWC

greenthumb2011September 6, 2011

I started my first SWC (Self Water Container) garden on my patio this year and it has been doing quite well thus far. The question I have is does any one else add any fertilizer to the water chamber when filling? I have just started to add 1/2 strength once a week for the past 2 weeks and it seems to be giving good results.(Every 4 days I add 2 gallons of water to the resivoir in my 30 gallon containers) If you do how much do you add and how often?

Thanks for the Help Happy Growing

P.S.- I will be posting an over view of my garden experience this year shortly if you want to check it out I just want to take some new pictures.

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I have my tomatoes in a SWC this year. They are doing well, using 2 gallons of water a day. When planting I put a cup of timed release fertilizer in the mix, the type claimed to last up to 9 months, 18-6-12. Because I have some fertilizer made in stick form to be used in a "root fertilizer tool" which I threw away years ago, I am dropping one stick a month down the filler pipe. I am not sure it is helping, but it has not hurt. Al

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i do it all the time but it is for the micro nutrients. my fert strip only has the NPK.

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When I had SWCs, I added FP to the water reservoir whenever the leaves looked like they needed a hit. Worked well.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I originally put so much dang fertilizer (about 1.5 cups)in my tomato (Rutgers) 5 gal SWC, I couldn't see adding ANY to the water. I used MG Shake and Feed originally which had some micros in it. The thing grew like crazy, and was darker green than any other plant I grew in the ground or container. It also flowered and fruited really well.

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"darker green than any other plant ... flowered and fruited really well"

Yes. Some books say if you put in too much nitrogen fertilizer it will stunt the fruiting. I have never, ever seen this. The greener the leaves the more fruit has always been my experience.

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