Hyponex Potting Soil

TheMasterGardener1(5B)September 14, 2012

I would like to share a good bagged potting soil I found.

It can be hard to find a good potting soil. Making your own is more then most gardeners are willing to do. The price of bagged soils can get high.

For 10 bucks for 2 cuft, they better be good or else another brand of potting soil will see this and step up and make a better cheaper potting mix, O wait, They did!!! The NEW Hyponex from scotts NOT the black bag. The new green bags sold at 8.27 for 2 cuft are better then any other potting soil I have seen and cheaper. It is about time they gave a good potting mix at a good price!

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What are the ingredients, and how much percentage of the bag has very fine particles and of what as compared to percentage of bark? Is it bark based? Does it say :-)

Have you tested it over time to see if it its durability holds up over the long haul?

Knowing that many here are very particular about a mix that is durable and to be used for long term plantings, houseplants in particular, would you say it fits the bill?

Is it as good as the 5.1.1 mix or Fafard mix, or other bark based mixes that everyone raves about?


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It has a lot of pine fines. It is forest compost. That is the first on the list, so yes it is bark based I would say.

It has a lot of fine material and would not fit the bill of the 511.

It has a good quality texure right out of the bag. It holds water very long. One week in a 4 inch pot in a cool area with no sun. I have some house plants in it, but I use the 511 for cacti and palms. It is so odd, I have never seen such fast growth from any of my cacti before planting them in the 511. Same with even some other house plants, but then they get this splitting and then the splits brown. They grow really really fast, but just with this odd splitting, and holes in the leaves that are perfectly lined up. It has to be my fertilizing, or lack. Like I said, my cacti I feed with no issues and they are growing fast! So it is very odd.

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