Shade and ornamental tree placement - Need Recommendations

zanthe(5 (Iowa))July 2, 2013

Last year we purchased the rental house beside us and tore it down leaving a bare lot that we recently seeded. We will be removing the current driveway that is crowding the house and using the driveway from the house we tore down. Currently our camper sits at the end of the “new” driveway. It will remain there during the warmer months. This fall I would like to plant some trees and I am looking for ideas. I know the current landscaping needs attention but I would rather get the trees started first. We are located in Central Iowa.

I thought about planting 3 ornamental trees along the “new” driveway to break up the view of the neighbor’s house and add visual appeal. I’m stumped on what to do about the shade tree or trees however. Do I put something up by the street? Only plant one large shade tree to the west of the house? I’m really struggling with how to place trees on this lot. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

*Create privacy so that our open garage doors aren’t so visible from the street
*Break up the large white view of our neighbor’s house
*Some shade for the West side of our house
*Bird friendly

Trees I have considered:
*Red Oak, Pin Oak, Scarlet Oak (anything not maple)
*River Birch (will take manual watering)
*Redbud, Prairie Fire Crabapple
*Serviceberry From House From House From House From House From House From House From House From House

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You want to break the view of your neighbors- how about considering shielding their view of your camper with a living fence or something? Lilacs, a wood fence, anything would be better than having someone elses camper right next the house.

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zanthe(5 (Iowa))

The camper will actually be back about 10ft further then it currently is in the pictures. Luckily it is parked next to their garage and a small shed; there is no yard space that is blocked for them. Also, they can't see the camper from any of the windows in their home living areas. But yes, I will camouflage it eventually with a natural screen of some sort. Techny Arborvitaes have been considered for this.

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zanthe(5 (Iowa))

I should also note that we leave the camper at a lake for a month's rental at a time so it does not get parked in this location often. We have it home getting ready for the 4th of July holiday. It is an eyesore to me as well.

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What are the existing big trees? Plant more of them since they seem happy. Realize that the oaks will take ages to shade your house. I would not plant anything that needed manual watering that far away from the house. Redbud makes a great understory tree and the neighbors would like looking at that. I'd consider trees along the new and old driveway.

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