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babera(5a (Montana))July 15, 2014

This may not be the best place to post this but I couldn't find a forum for fence discussion. . .

There is a 6' wood fence (neighbors fence). They painted the fence 2 summers ago while we were gone. . . it needed to be painted but they painted it the awful redwood stain. I hate it and want to paint/stain it on my side anyway.

I was thinking of a solid base stain. I would like to do it in a natural wood color if it will cover the red. if not I will go with a dark gray. Has anyone stained over a redwood fence before? will it take a bazillion coats? Should I pressure wash it first and see if takes some of the red off? There was only one coat applied back when he did it so there are some spots where the sprinkle hits that has faded quite a bit.

Is it worth it or should I just live with the red?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I would be tempted to call a stain company and ask for their input. Thompson's Waterseal is one such company. If you google them, you should reach their corporate site and since they want to sell product, they'll probably know exactly what you should do. There are other companies as well.

Good luck. I'm surprised they painted your side.

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rosiew(8 GA)

Think you will need their permission before painting. I'd use an exterior acrylic paint. Clean before painting, allow a few days to fully dry.

I despise that fake redwood color. Can't imagine why it's still around.

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I don't understand the public's love of stain. In general, its positive effect doesn't last as long as good outdoor acrylic gloss paint (... which the gloss doesn't last either, but it's still better than stain.) Neither does it cover irregularities well. Oil base paint does not hold up on wood exposed to wetting. It's good for metal that is not rusted.

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