maps31(5 salt lake city, UT)January 4, 2010

vacations, emergencies, what if we are without a computer and away from seeds?

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You don't take them with you?

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I'm not exactly sure what you are asking?

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Laptop goes with on vactions - no ifs and buts about it. I will try to tour a garden type spot to get a fix and I also look for seeds where I'm vacationing. If I see a flower I like and there's seed then I ask if applicable or snatch and bag some seed. I'll write a description etc of the flower/plant, so when I sow and it grows I'll hopefully be able to have it ID'd.

I guess the only time I haven't been able to get a live garden fix on vacation is when we've gone to the UP to ski, otherwise it's usually a warm spot and there's something that can be found to give me a gardening fix.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

When vacationing, and since I don't have a laptop (yet), I will sometimes stop by a library, or a cyber cafe to check my emails and maybe surf GW very briefly. My time is usually quite brief due to it costing so much. I try to usually let a couple of my closer GW friends know I will be 'away' in case they or someone else is looking for me.

I often vacation someplace warmer in Jan, and like Sandy above, look for and collect seeds whenever possible. Last year I ended up buying 4 variegated African Violets on vacation, and had to pack them in the cooler to keep them warm enough to get them home. Home had sub zero temps when we got back here.

Last year I hit the jackpot when I came across a little garden maintained by Master Gardeners. A MG was working and she explained some plants to me and gave me the go ahead to collect any seeds I wanted. It was a delightful visit with her in the garden.


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Now I get it. I always have my laptop while I'm away. If I forgot mine I'd probably run out and buy one. lol I've been able to meet up with GW members that I chat with on several vacations. When I go away I'm always looking for plants/seeds either in the neighborhood, at a nursery or a botanical garden. I have no problem packing seeds and plants when I'm traveling in the US but I don't take any plant material on an international flight anymore. I used to pack seeds and cuttings in my luggage whenever I was in Central America or Mexico and never had a problem but I won't do that anymore. Actually I'm on vacation as I'm typing this and have already been collecting seeds for some GW friends. I also had the pleasure of visiting one of the mail order nurseries that I've been buying from for several years. It's not really a walk in type operation but I emailed the owner and set up a time to visit. The owner spent a couple hours showing me around their operation. That's been the highlight of my vacation. lol

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kathy645(4 VT)

Okay, we take the laptop on vacations to connect when we can. But, my upset when GW was down last night was really interesting...

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

But, my upset when GW was down last night was really interesting...

Did it get ugly?

Kathy, were you not aware it was going to be down? It had been posted in the What's New on GardenWeb for several days that the site was going to be worked on last night. That's one reason why I don't collapse the messages in that banner. Often folks are in the dark about frustrating happenings until someone points out the latest news in the banner.

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kathy645(4 VT)

Hi Sue, it did indeed! I did not catch the change in the message from "we're working on the problem" to "we're going to fix it." I don't collapse the msg--just don't always read it. I don't remember a time since I joined in Oct. where the message wasn't "oops." Complacency always gets me in trouble. Lesson learned, I hope. It did occur to me if it went on beyond last night, I could email you for some news/support.;)

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When vacationing, more like evacuating with my dear daughter, our friends had a computer or we'd rent one.
Tried laptop and can't get to like it, guess been used to this one for years.
Being pc-less would be fine except for e-mails.

best wishes all,


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