growing Butterfly Bush in Container

bettyfbSeptember 3, 2008

I would like to know if anyone has grown Dwarf Butterfly Bushes in Containers? I have no more room in my yard for another bush and want to attract more butterflies to my yard and thought I would try growing one in a container.



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gardenerme(z9/21 inland socal)

I have done it with a regular sized one. It did fine until the roots got so big I had to put it in the ground. The dwarf should do really well. I have found in my climate in socal that it really needs lots of water. Go for it!

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Thanks gardenerme for the quick reply. I used Tapla's formula on all my potted plants this year, and they have done great! I guess I should use the same formula for the Butterfly Bush. Also I planted Blue and Black Salvia to attract Hummingbirds to my yard, and all I got were a zillion bumble bees. I tore it all down yesterday, and now the Hummingbirds are on the feeders and the rest of the flowers, not being scared away by so many bumble bees. Do your Butterfly Bushes attract a lot of bees or mainly butterflies? I have started raising butterflies and this is my new hobby. I have released 10 Monarchs, 27 Black Swallowtails and around 20 Gulf Frits that are still caterpillars.

Also do you suggest I overwinter my potted Butterfly Bush under my carport? I live in Louisville, Ky. Zone 7.


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They do great in containers. Root prune and you'll never have to plant it in the ground. In my experience, they tolerate root disturbance very well during the dormant season.

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kathyp(z9 CA)

I have 2 regular ones growing in containers, and they do great! On is solo in its pot, the other has some underplantings of allysum. Both are healthy and happy. Here in CA I need to make sure they get enough water, but the hummingbirds and butterflies LOVE them! They also help to attract bees to my gardens. We can get some pretty cold days here, frosts, etc. All I do is drag the pots close to the house, and they have survived so far!

Good luck!

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Thanks kathy and redkneck grower. Does anyone have a picture to post, so I can see how big they get?



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