Curved Property Entrance ?

zooba72July 4, 2013

I have a corner property and I want to make a side entrance that leads into my backyard. The entrance will be a 16' gap in a locust post and rail fence. I wanted to landscape this so that people can't simply look directly into the backyard from the street. So I was thinking about curving the pathway once it enters the yard. I'm starting with a blank slate. I have about a 1/4 of acre to play with in order wind my way into the backyard. I also want to make sure I can get heavy equipment into the backyard, so I need to keep the entrance wide. My thought was to simply place about six or eight flowering cherry trees to delineate the path.

Are there any tricks for doing this kind of thing? I'm not sure it's clear what I'm trying to do. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

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it's not clear how you plan to arrange things or the state of existing conditions. It would be easier to understand if you sketch out a plan and show it, and post a couple of photographs that show the area (not close-ups.) Trees alone, since they have raised canopies, do not sound as if they're going to be an effective screening tool for this purpose.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

An s-curved path through densely planted shrubs and trees will effectively create privacy and is often used in rural Hawaii.

For example, a lot 100ft wide, with a driveway entry to one side of the lot, curving toward the other side of the lot creates enough of a jungle barrier to afford complete privacy for a home built 100ft. from the street.

Imagine a square with a diagonal through it. The top of the square is the street, the diagonal line is the drive into the property. A house is situated beyond the bottom of the square. That configuration gives you two big triangles of planting to obscure any view from the street.

I don't think 6 or 8 cherry trees will give you the visual barrier you wish for on 1/4 acre. If you can create any sort of berm along the drive, that will help.

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I attached a sketch ... As of now, I completely exposed my lot to the road. I had about a 1/4 acre of brush, vines and dead trees which were removed. I'm putting a post & rail fence along the perimeter with a holly hedge behind it for privacy and will leave a 16' gap as an entrance to the property. I will then curve my way into the property using plantings on both sides (including about 6 or 8 cherry trees). Thanks for the responses.

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Not sure how we're supposed to evaluate the plan if you don't also show the location of what is being screened. Is the "Laurel" and "Holly" hedge one in the same? I reiterate my prior point that trees are probably not going to screen as their canopies are raised. If you're calling them trees but growing them in the shrub (foliage to ground) form, then it's a different matter. While it may screen something you don't want someone to see, lining both side of the drive will feel confining and is not necessarily going to be a pleasant entry experience. It might be better if you create a screen within the yard and route the drive around it. Is the drive primarily for utility purposes, or something else? Is there topography involved? It would be helpful if you provide photos from the point of view which you intend to screen and from the opposite direction.

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I'm trying to screen the bulk of the backyard. There is a swimming pool back there beyond the trees in the drawing, but the primary focus is to prevent someone from seeing deep into the backyard from the road. That's why I'm curving the entrance and will most likely plant on both sides.

The hedge on the perimeter will be Laurel ... Holly is on the other side of the property. This is definitely a utility entrance, not my primary driveway. This will allow me to bring in heavy equipment, my boat, etc... At some point, I may actually get a gate which might make this entire conversation moot. The land is pretty flat. I'll take a couple of pictures from the road and post them. I just recently cleared it, so it's still a mess. Thanks again.

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We don't care about messes unless they cover something that needs to be seen. But they generally don't.

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How about a gate made from the fence material? I doubt it will span 16', but it could easily do eight with enough structural support. If you truly need 16', then adjacent fence sections on one side could be removable.

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Sorry about the late reply, I got distracted with work. I'm actually backing off the 16' opening as it's not necessary. I'm now thinking a 12' opening will be sufficient.

I attached a picture from the road, the stakes delineate the path I want to follow into the yard.

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