Ya'll aren't helping much

bigred(z8 Ark.)January 22, 2009

I am so totaly BORED today! Ya aren't talking much and if something doesn't break loose soon,I'm gonna go order more seeds and it's gonna be all ya'll's fault!!!

My seeds from U.K. aren't here yet and I'm starting to twitch!!!!



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I wouldnt be bored if it was going to be 60, Id be out running around like a nut.

Funnyhow I got used to the cold, last week I was all bundling up for the 17 degree days and right now its 18 and I just ran outside in a sweater and crocs, course it was just for a minute. I dont even know where my gloves are at the moment. lol! It just feels normal now.

I keep hearing about these UK seeds, did you tell us what you ordered?


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

It was 70 yesterday!!! I got to play outside. Too bad I'm no spring chicken and I poop out too easely now. I did get all the yaupons limbed up so I don't get my ponytail hung up when I mow under them. Started cleaning out one of the BIG beds out in the back sideyard. I think I grabbed up a bunch of posion ivy. Hopefully the shirt and gloves I had on will keep me from getting the itchies.

I'm not sure if I told what I was getting form the U.K or not but it's killing me 'cause they're not here yet. I sewn a brizzillon seeds since the end of Dec. but I still feel the need to sew so more./

Seeds from U.K. vendor:
Corinne Tremaine(Variegated)

Alchemist Gold
Alchemist Mix
Burnished Rose
Sunburst Ruby

Barbarea Winter Cream(variegated winter cress)
Duchesnea Harelquin(yellw blooming ,variegated strawberry)
Hesperis matronalis variegata(variegated dame's rocket)
Leycesteria Gold Leaf(not sure if it has common name..honeysuckle family)
Myosota Rolled Gold(gold leaf 4-get-me-not)
Oenothera Blood Orange(evening primrose,small pale yellow blooms with red eye)
origanum vulagre aureum(Gold leaf oregano)
Prostathera lasianthos,Victorian Christmas Bush(aust. plant/mint family)
Ruta graveolens variegata(variegated rue)

Graham's Delight(variegated ragged robin)
Purple Prince(purple leafed ragged robin)

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