Sending seeds to Haiti?

cecilia_md7a(7a/Baltimore,MD)January 20, 2010

Perhaps this is a bit premature, since the Haitians have so many other needs (food, shelter, clothing, meds) at this time, but does anybody know if there is an organization that might accept extra veggie seeds that the people of Haiti could use later on to grow for food? In 1998, The Embassy of Ecuador accepted vegetable seed after that country was hit by Hurricane Mitch. I remember receiving an official thank-you letter from the Ambassador's staff.

A Google search found an organization called Seeds for Haiti, but they are looking for monetary donations (which I suppose is most important anyway this point).

Any ideas?

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The idea is a wonderful one, but right now the time is not appropriate to be sending seeds down there.

Right now, the only interest is in the basic necessities of life, still attempting to find survivors and then a clean up the disaster of debris that is all over the place.

One thought I had though is this.

We can all set aside seeds that would be appropriate in the climate of Haiti and when the time is right, and he need for the seeds is known, we can then send seeds to whatever organization is looking for them.

The financial need is what should be the concern now.

I would think that veggie seeds would be a welcome type of seed, but not sure about what type of flowers would be the best.

I will see if I can find out what type of seeds grow best in Haiti and if I find any info will post a list of seeds that we can save.


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Most of what I found was, as expected, requests for donations for disaster relief but did find the following in veggies that are/can grow in various parts of Haiti.

leafy veggies
hot peppers
red beans
brown beans
herbs used in their cooking, especially thyme
chives and parsley
sweet potatoes.

That's a list to start with in saving seeds for future to send, but I'm not sure that seeds will actually be accepted from us or just money to purchase seeds to distribute to the people to grow.

I would expect it will be quite some time, though, before anyone thinks about starting seeds to grow for food.


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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio) has a number of projects going on in Haiti which have been disrupted due to the current crisis. They include such things as erosion control, planting bamboo, community garden tool lending programs, and of course their animal projects.

Perhaps a monetary donation to Heifer would be a good way to help the people of Haiti rebuild their gardens. Saving your own garden seeds, planning your seed purchases for next year, and then trading on the seed exchange instead of purchasing seed would be a good way to fund a contribution to Heifer.


Here is a link that might be useful: Heifer in Haiti

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quilt_mommy(5/6 Northeast Ohio)

I was thinking the same thing Cecilia...while right now the main concern is getting food, water, and medical supplies to keep those who have survived alive...the next step will be sustaining life for the long term. I think saving seeds is a great idea, and the time will come quickly when Haiti will be putting such ideas into action.

It's horrendous what has happened there, and every day I see on the news the devastation, and it makes my problems seem so mundane. I just want to hold those people and I wish I could give even one of them comfort. I cannot even imagine tragedy on such a widespread's hard to believe. While it is terrible, if nothing else comes from this, maybe it will bring some attention to the poverty that already exists there, and Haiti can come back stronger than it's ever been.

Great thread Cecilia, I hope that something comes from it! :)

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There was someone that posted on the seed exchange named Brenda Cooper that makes regular trips to Haiti with her husband Michael. She requested seeds for Haiti under the user name Haitihelper (about a year ago I think) but her post was removed I assume because she didn't offer anything in exchange. I did a google search of her name because I wondered if she might have been in Haiti during the earthquake. Apparently she wasn't because I came across a news article telling about a planned trip in a couple weeks to help with medical needs.
She doesn't have an email link on her member page but she has posted her address on the web.

Michael & Brenda Cooper
1749 S. Dick Creek Rd.
La Fayette, GA 30728
Brenda - 678-986-6287

I also found this address but the newsletter it was on was from 2005 so maybe they moved ??

Michael & Brenda Cooper
877 Moores Ferry Rd SW
Plainville GA 30733

I hope she posts here again when they are ready to work on their garden project again in Haiti. What a great way to help the people there become more independent.

If we could find out for sure that the Brenda that posted here is the same one in the article, I think it would be nice to send them some seeds when they're ready. Has anyone been in contact with her?

Here is a link that might be useful: Local medical team at work in Haiti

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Here's another news article that mentions Brenda Cooper:

Here is a link that might be useful: Prayers offered for devastated country

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Thank you very much Christie, we'll try to get in touch with Brenda and Michael Cooper, see what they need the most, besides the from the start desperately needed was the medical help, too many suffer-ed too long waiting for help. Recovery will take a long time, hope they are able to get on their feet and start recovery process, seems it will be a while, then they can grow their own food too, good idea helping them with seeds.

Wouldn't it be great if the world would unite more to fight poverty and sufferings before nightmares like these happen, but it's good to see many helping, even more when seeing so many others in the world do, noone like good old USA.

Giving prayers and thanks for all helping, never know who may be needing it one day...hope not but with the world's changes one never knows.


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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

I've found the link for the Cooper's organization for those who are interested in contacting them. It's below.

Heifer still seems to me to have the greater ability to help more people through a broader set of existing garden and agriculture based existing programs in Haiti. But the Coopers look like they have an organization well suited for moving seeds directly from your gardens to the hands of Haitians.

So good to know that both of these organizations working hard to help the people of Haiti.


Here is a link that might be useful: Haiti Helpers

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Good thread and some good info here.

I see the contact info at the link above

Michael & Brenda Cooper
1749 S. Dick Creek Rd.
La Fayette, GA 30728

Michael - 770-548-7198

Brenda - 678-986-6287

Graanieb, I'll be watching for an update about whether or not you get in contact with them. It's hard telling where they might be at a time like this.

I see they last updated their site at the link above on 4-25-2009.


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Always helping , thank you Sue!

My almost 11 year old grandson decided on his own to empty his coin collection and we'll see what else he may part with, he'll gladly do it, one kid with heart of gold.

Good to see angels of mercy helping there like Anderson Cooper ( does cross your mind if a relative, doesn't it?) and tonight stars will be raising money, will be watching, just now seeing Simon Cowel will be helping too.
Imagine there will be new money raising events and helps to follow, great thing but do wish there were more such things to help the needy, especially children, around us.


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Watched the news earlier, rescue efforts have stopped after 11 days, giving up hope of finding anyone alive, must be devastating for loved ones, would be something if there are still some alive, but got to concentrate on the living and my god almost 200000 wounded, prayers, depressing to watch it let alone be there.
Hope there are still plenty on the island unaffected by the disaster who are able to garden, among other things, I'd still try if there is a way to send them seeds for edibles, after all, plus would be therapy.

GB Bea

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Where are you all? Plenty to talk about but need to get together with daughters and send something out soon.
Heard the news --a 24 yr old man was found alive in the rubble after 11 days! He said there are others trapped there too. What I was telling my daughter after hearing rescue was's too early, never lose hope.
Many are heading out of the city, right thing to do, find shelter in ground level homes and for a while in tents, at least weather isnt sky high hot with as high humidity nor freezing, but tall city buildings should be abandoned in the city ( any city) where earthquake with such magnitude happen.
Yes, sending them seeds for edibles with prayers.

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