Tomatoes Wilting + Slow Growth

nitram0606April 13, 2012

Hi Guys,

So i started these tomatoes like 6 weeks ago. As you can see the potato leaf varieties are growing a lot slower than the regular, but a stranger phenomenon I'm trying to figure out is why the leaves always seem to be drooping on all of them?

I let them dry out completely and they do it. So I tried keeping them a little moist for a week and at firs they perked up but then back to droopy.

2 questions: Are they stunted at all and will they come out of it and secondly is there some special method for knowing how moist to keep them?

I transplanted them several weeks ago into 4" pots with organic potting soil + 20% vermiculite and 15% perlite, just for reference.

Here's a picture:

Thanks in advance

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Some tomatoes varieties have droopy, wispy leaves. I remember a few years ago when I grew Opalka, I was quite concerned with the appearance of the leaves. After some online research, I saw that this was normal for this variety. Do you know the name of the tomato in question? From the looks of it, yours look quite green, stocky, and healthy.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden and Tomatoes

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They look pretty good to me.

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I bet they would be happier if you potted them up into taller pots. Almost everyone on the tomato forum grows them in 16oz plastic cups. About the same diameter as what you have but twice as tall. It allows for much better root formation.

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Last season I grew a potato leaf variety of black tomato. I had the same concerns at first. It was very slow to put out leaves, very squatty in growth habit and droopy. Then all of a bursted growth and ended up larger and more productive than many of my others. It took about three weeks after planting in the garden to show speedy development.

Btw, it was a beautiful plant that many people commented on. The fruit was amazing and the plant was sturdy and strong. Do some minimal pruning if it is indeterminate because they can get HUGE!

My variety (I think) was the Russian Trifele black tomato.

That seedling looks exactly the height contrast with mine last season.

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I had droopy tomato plants and contacted my extension officer. She suggested that it could be ethylene damage. If these are indoors near ripening fruits or air vent, it could be that. But given the color on your plants I don't think you are overwatering or underwatering. The color looks good.

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Yeah, those plants look very healthy...and could use a bigger container (or ground) to grow in at this point.

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