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Kevin.48197July 1, 2013

would be greatful for some input. i planted a rose of sharron by the front door but its growing out towards the light. what should i plant to the left of the front door? if you could suggest ideas: please include hydrangeas and knockout roses my wife would be very happy. thanks

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

While I understand the natural urge to plant something right away, it's usual to install the hardscape first -- driveway, paved walks, and any planter walls or edging. If you plant first, things get trampled and abused during installation of those items.

But, since you asked, hydrangeas will do better than roses in partial shade. Plant roses where they will get full day sun exposure, and they will be more likely to thrive. It will help the look of your rose bed if you back it up with some plain-jane evergreens that won't grow too big, and incorporate some late-summer blooming flowers to fill in when the roses are fading. Talk with your local nursery (non big-box) and they will steer you in the right direction.

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If your house faces north,you might need to consider using roses in the back yard and something better suited for shade in the front. A smaller oak leaf hydrangea might be a reasonable choice.

That being said, the discussion of roses, clematis, etc, suited for shade comes up quite frequently on those forums, do you might give a few varieties that can do ok there.

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I agree with catkim, concentrate on finishing the actual landscaping stage first, this way you protect your new plantlings from damage due to construction/building etc.

I have seen instances where homeowners have completely re-planted the front BEFORE laying new patio/driveway etc....needless to say you can imagine what happened!

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