Need idea for tall shrub/tree

kmbustosJuly 7, 2010

Hi there:

I am looking for suggestions as to what kind of tall shrub or tree I can plant at the corner of my house to balance out the look. I would like something kind of "floppy" and loose, if you will. Not something that is really structured (ie italian cyprus).

Below is a link with a picture, the corner that I am looking to plant is one the left hand side of the picture, against our neighbors driveway.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)


That's a cute little house you have. I like the gray and white paint scheme with the white roses; those are my mother's favorite paint colors (she'd have painted the front door red, though).

Please tell us your location (California?) and/or climate zone. Also the direction the house faces (probably pretty close to south, given those awnings).

Where exactly is the property line relative to the neighbor's driveway and the corner of your house? Does the neighbor need to walk on your property to exit cars parked there?

Since you're interested in a "tall shrub or tree," are you thinking of a shrub which would be shorter than your eaves or taller? Does the roof overhang on the side of the house?

It might help if you could post a photo taken from the sidewalk closer to the corner, also a view (probably from across the street) showing the entire house from one property line to the other.

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The space is quite limited in the spot you want to plant tree/shrub. And as it grow larger the branches have the potential to cause damage to your neighbor's car driving by...
I would rather choose to plant tall grass instead. What I have in mind is 'Karl Foerster' feather reed grass. It grows anywhere rose could grow, adds needed height in the spot and would look very neat and nice in your yard.

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Thank you for the idea, fanofgarden. I think that is kind of on the right track as to what I want. I want something kind of loose, not really structured. And yes, we are quite close to the edge of our neighbors' driveway. There is at most 1 1/2' from the corner of our house to the neighbors driveway.

Missingtheobvious-Thank you for the compliment on our little house. It is quite the work in progress. We used to have 14 rose trees lining our very narrow walkway up to our house. They were a serious hazard! We are in California, zone 9b, I believe. Our house is west facing, lots of full sun in the front.

I'm just looking for something to add height and interest to that little corner to balance out the side of the house. I really like things are are loose and less structured. We have iceberg roses and we also have scabia, gomphrena, calylophus, osteospermum, cosmos, sedum and dianthus in our front yard. I'd like something that would fit into that little mix.

I appreciate your comments and suggestions!

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