Need kids vegie ideas

love2gardenncJanuary 21, 2012

Every year I work with a group of children (about 30) to plant and transplant some unusual vegie seeds. We have done christmas, pencil pod, red noodle beans; black prince, snowwhite, grape tomatoes. We have also done tigger melons.

I need some ideas of seeds that have unusual names for the kids to grow this year. The idea is to excite the kids with the name making them more likely to watch over and then eat what they grow.

Anyone have any ideas ? Also if you know where I might be able to find those seeds it would be helpful. I haven't collected much in the way of seeds for the past couple of years so I thinking trading for what I need is unlikely.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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My kids got a big kick out of the tiny cucumbers that look like little watermelons . I think they were called Mexican sour gherkins. saw them in seed savers exchange this year.The vines are tiny and delicate but once they get going they produce a large crop.Watermelon radishes(green with red inside) would be fun too. I just traded for a small amount of seed of them this year and plan to leave most of them in to produce seed.Baby bell peppers are fun as they are not hot and great for little stuffed hors d'erves. Paris market carrots are round and so are easy to grow on rough ground. How about strawberry popcorn. Or just regular popcorn. It is usualy short and easy to grow and they can pop whole ears in the microwave in a paper bag. My kids are all grown so I dont have such things to offer but you should request them on the exchange side of this forum. Just be sure to offer to trade for something ,anything. And check out my lists for anything that you think might work

Here is a link that might be useful: ricjo22's exchange list

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Thank you, you have many great suggestions I will see what I can find. I do have plenty of seeds on my tradelist mostly named varieties of flowers but mostly from a couple of years ago.

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OK now I cant stop reminiscing about what Phillip and Amy loved in the garden. I planted a potato patch but with every color and shape of potato you can imagine all mixed up . At harvest time it was like an easter egg hunt. Also I remember they loved when I planted the popcorn so that it formed an enclosed space that made them feel private. They pulled a little table into the center of it. They were very fond of eating peas out of the garden and I do have golden edible podded peas to offer. I know there are purple podded types too.Do you live on the east coast because there were black birch trees there whose twigs tasted like wintergreen and we always picked wild grapes in the fall to make dark sour jelly but we took the left over pulp and washed it with fresh apple cider from a local orchard to turn it purple. Good times Ric

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