WANTED: some nice places on the web to buy seeds from

greenthumdfamilyJanuary 31, 2006

Hello, i am looking for some other places to buy seeds from online other than value seeds i want to know if there some more discount seeds websites like value seeds out there on the web if so could you please share the info with me like who does discount seeds for burpee and parks seeds if you know please share your info with me also is there any topics posted on gw about this too tell me what's the forum so that i may go to it and read a big thanks and hugs for everyone

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goddessemer6(z9a NV)

There is a great website called freetreesandplants dot com all you have to pay for is shipping. They have awsome stuff and their varieties change. Hope it helps you!


Here is a link that might be useful: Freetreesandplants

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In no way am I trying to put down that web site, but that shipping and handling fee are going to add up pretty quick and I think be about equal to a regular plant order. For instance Stella d Ora lilies - $6.95 S&H. I think you could probably get the plant cheaper elsewhere. I didn't look through the whole site, so I am sure they might have some good deals for that price. But 3 plants @ $6.95 S&H per plant is going to run you $20.85.
Sorry, I couldn't answer your question about discount seeds. I know a lot of people like valueseeds. I haven't ordered from them yet but hear good things. Hopefully someone else can help you better than I can.

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There is a big discussion in the vegetable forum about buying BurpeeÂs seeds from WalMart. If you would like to get some discounted seeds for ParksÂ, sign for its on-line newsletter or wait until clearance time (around April-May).

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You might try Lonnie's Seeds - not an extensive selection, but prices and quality are good. Also, while maybe not exactly discount, Pinetree Gardens offers decent prices/quality as well.

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mikeyjoe(Zone 6b, Southern Indiana)

Hello "GTF",
What kind of seeds are you looking for? Flowers? Heirloom Veggies?

If you are looking for Tomato Seeds and other vegetables I can name a few that are very reasonable and do not go crazy with S&H fees.

One is Heirloom Vegetable Seed Warehouse. I have not ordered from them yet, but I plan to as soon as I take inventory and see what I need. Not the biggest selection but seeds range from .35 to .99 and shipping is reasonable for small orders.


Another one that seems to be very reasonable is Tradewinds. Again I have not ordered from them but a friend did and she was very happy with her seeds. Most of their seeds range from 1.00 to 1.50 and they charge .25 shipping for each item ordered and they have no minimum. I was going to order some Anasazi Beans (1 of only 3 places I could find them)but someone offered them to me in a trade a few days ago. They have a good selection of vegetables and lots of really interesting vines and flowers.


And of course we can't forget about Sandhill.


And the cheapest seeds on the net is Cheap Seeds, which I think is the discount outlet for Anioleka. .50 cents per pack with no shipping fees. But I have never found anything there that I could use.


I hope this has been helpful, if I was more into flowers I could probably give you better info, but I mostly do vegetables.


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I agree with pinetreeseeds whenever I find something I like somewhere I always double check pinetree to see if they have it first.Ebay is a great place to buy seeds.I recently got some great deals on canna and wisteria seeds there.Don't forget when searching ebay to check the buy it now category because you can often find seeds MUCH cheaper than what is being bid on.You can get great deals on blueberry seedlings and evergreens,etc there too!
My all time favorite for cheap seeds is mainstreetseedandsupply.com.They have small and large qtys.Their *sample* packets are more than enough for twice over what you would use in your garden plus you would have plenty for trading.They have flowers and veggies.The prices are really great! Shipping is reasonable too.They have herb seeds too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mainstreet

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Giving it a bit more thought :)
I often visit the georgia market bulletin and look under the seed,veggie, flower sections because people who advertise their often have great items and some will actually include postage on things .I have seen great deals there on Milk & Wine Lilys etc.Its always changing with the seasons.People will ship specialty onions and nuts etc as well you never know what you'll see.

Another place I just sent my order to sells alot of incredible heirloom seeds for beans and such/I thought the prices and shipping were very reasonable.They have been growing gourds also for several years and have a great how to at the bottom of the order form with purple martin house instructions.

And one I came across recently that I have been eyeing because they have great sounding Italian Veggie Seeds (Beans & Tomatoes)etc. I haven't checked the shipping yet though.


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I am a shopaholic! And a window shopping a holic :)
If I think of anymore I will email them to ya :).
I found this place looking for bulk seeds to purchase(Henry Wilde Sunflowers) I do also order from the places you mentioned originally though.The Burpees I usually get at Big box Stores and the others directly online when they have specials.


Reasonable Prices

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I hope I'm not duplicating some one else's post, I looked and didn't see this site.

Anyway, a good GW friend of mine told me about

Most of the seeds are only .99 and the shipping is reasonable. Also, after Xmas, they had a 1/2 off sale! They might do this more than just at Xmas.

Here is a link that might be useful: VALUESEEDS.COM

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Found this thread while searching for places to buy seeds. Thought it may be helpful to others that are newbies like myself. Valueseeds looks very promising so I put in an order.

Cindy : )

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i've ordered from them. they are an 'outlet' type place for thompson & morgan. they have no frills packaging, but it's clearly labeled and the price is right.

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Crosman Seeds is a wonderful local company that I buy from every spring at the garden show. They do have a web site though. All their seeds are cheap, 59 cents and up, no need for a sale. Plus they put more seed in the pkgs. than many other companies.

For great variety and inexpensive veggies, I also recommend Sand Hill Preservation. They also have cheap sweet potato slips. You can't order until the beginning of the year though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crosman Seed

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

hope this works...Parks Seed Dollar Sale

Here is a link that might be useful: Park Dollar Seed Sale

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