Where do you get the little plastic bags?

ladyrose65January 29, 2011

Or What do you use to put your seeds into.

I just did my first trade, and it was costly, the bubble envelopes 7.99. I went to A.C. Moore looking for the tiny plastic bags. They don't carry them. I ended up getting these exp. small invitation envelopes to put the seeds in.

What do you use and where do you get it?

(I could of bought the seeds from a supplier cheaper).

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You can buy small 2x3 bead bags "100> at walmart for 1.00 or you can order in bulk like I do at fetpak.com. there are a few posts somewhere on the garden web where piti??? shows you how to make your own seed envies out of any paper or magazine. Basically, it's a 4x4 square piece of paper folded in half to make a triangle and then turn the sides in and tape. It makes a little pocket for seeds, super cute and cheap!Look at a regular envelope for a visual.

The bubble envelopes are at all the dollar stores, usually 2 for 1.00 and they can be cut into 2 to make 4....

Hope this helps


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Iris Hendry

Hi Ladyrose

You can buy the baggies at Walmart in the craft section, near the beads or at Joann Fabrics in their bead aisle ;-) Michaels has them too but Walmart and Joanns are cheaper . I get my bubble envelopes at the dollar store ;-)
Happy trading !


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I use snack sized Ziploc bags. They are $2.50 or so for 120 bags. Walmart has bubble envelopes for 44 cents each. Once you begin trading, you can just reuse the enveopes the seed you received came in. I bought 128 labels for $1.19 so that I can write info about the seed on them and attach them to the baggie. To label the recycled enveolpes, I use 3 x 5 cards and clear tape to attach them to the envelopes. The jumbo popsicle sticks sold at Walmart make excellent row labels for seedlings, too.

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mastergarder2003 Lixey(5 MI.)

I use my old tea bags envelopes. also I use plastic zip baggys I get mine from the dollar store one dollar store, has one lg bag of diffrent sizes for 1 dollar for them all.
I like the tea bags. I make lots of tea so Fill and reseal after taking out the tea bag dont forget to lable them, I use a felt tip pen. and tape sides shut and top.
O I also use old visa and other junk mail envelopes to put my garden seeds in and store in abc order with old hanging files. labled slide your daisy, or what ever between in the old env. recycle is good. I went to a old hallmark out of bus. sale and they gave me pretty color old env. to hae for free on last day out of bus. how about that.

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Thank You all for the input. I will be going to Walmart.

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I've been making little seed envies from old seed catalogs and gardening magazines. I learned how to make them on a GW post 'endless supply of seed envelopes'. I'm not sure thats the exact name of the post.
They are kinda pretty and fun to make :)

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celeegra(6 NYC)

I also recycle all my seed & gardening catalogues into seed packets. If you have time & energy, there are pretty templates you can print out from online. I like the ones from gardensandcrafts.com but you can google many more.
I work at an office so I recycle used fedex & Ups bubble envies by cutting clean portions down to fit inside regular envelopes. We also go through a lot of binder dividers & those always come with way too many exta tab labels so I recycle those too for labeling packets. Otherwise they just get thrown away.
I use used prescription bottles to store large quantities of seeds until I divide out for trades. Or to send larger delicate seeds that I don't want to get crushed by USPS machinery. Of course I soak them all in warm water & bleach to make sure they will not contaminate the seeds with anything.

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Hi ladyrose,, check your email,,Lisa

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I just bought some from Amazon - much smaller then the ones at Walmart.

I had bought bubble enives too and was thinking - how much is this trading going to cost?? After a few trades however, you won't need to buy those again. If you do buy more, I suggest buying the 8x10 (or whatever the size is) and cutting them into smaller ones. Be careful, though, because you can make them too small (I think I cut one into four and the resulting four were too small) and the PO will charge a PACKAGE price!!

There is a guide on their website for minimum and maximum sizes for envies. Then there's some goofy ratio of width to length - all on their website.

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I have thousands of seed enevelopes I made from printed craft paper with lables on them in different sizes I'd be happy to send you some here's my e-mail address if you want some send your address. jmorris93@woh.rr.com I love making them and sending them to people

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Judy is the bomb!! **big smile** (((HUGZ))) you can go to sams club if you have one near by and buy a box of them that's what i did, its much cheaper! LOL, then after you start trading, save your envi's, you won't have to buy anymore! trust me on tht! i had a whole huge kitchen trash bag full of them!! LOL one time i had two of them full!! i thought i'd need them, so i saved them (i wasn't trading for a bit) LOL ya, i ended up throwing them away, hubs said throw them away!!!! man, he was furious!! LOL so save them! they may look alittle used, but they are reusuable, i used aknife to open mine, LOL and i sometimes either used scotch tape or stapled them shut, as for the baggies, i use walmart little baggies (100/99 cents in the hobbies) and i made some using the method they showed, and pumkingal? she had a whole page on how to make them and so did quiltingfox. its very economical! LOL especially if you get lots of magazines! LOL

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I've been trying to buy the little baggies for over a month now. Walmart continues to be out and the same at Michaels. Maybe I'll look at Joanns.
I also get bubble envies at SAMS. Cheaper than Walmart. A box of 25 6x9s for around $5. Before I ever use them I put packing tape over the address and stamp areas. This way its easier to remove and reuse. They look almost like new :) Especially good for BEAP offers. (I learned that on a thread here somewhere)
I've received seeds in teabag envelopes and the seeds were all over the place. The tape didnt seem to stick to the tea envie. Kinda sad to loose so many seeds.

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