How long do I wait?

merrymerry(6)January 26, 2009

A couple weeks ago, I posted an offering for 6 packets of Wild Columbine seeds for SASEs. I think 8 people responded. Since I posted that there were only 6 packets, I sent the first 6 people to respond an e-mail with my information for a SASE. Since then, I have only received 3 SASEs. So... how long should I wait on these other 3 people before letting the others a chance at the seeds? What is the general protocol on these forums?


- M

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Hi M,

I offered SASBE back in december. I just got one today in the mail. I am not sure how long we should wait. Good question....Barb

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When I made a SASE offer, I stated in my post that if I didnt get the envy in 10 days the seeds go to somebody else. I think there were a couple that never sent it and too bad for them, cuz the seeds went out to somebody else.

Since you didnt specify how long you'd wait, Its kinda up to you to decide how nice you want to be. You can send them followup emails and say they have XX days to get it to you--you pick the number they're your seeds.

Or you can post a note on here saying -- Hey you waited too long you're SOL.

Or you can just sit and wait a couple more weeks and see how you feel.

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Doris you remind me so much of myself, except I tend to think it and you write it! he heee : )

I think 2 weeks is long enough to wait on an SASBE to arrive at your mail box. I agree with Doris, email them that they have a certain amount of time left (whatever you decide on), and if you don't receive their SASBE's by then, pass on the seeds to others. Posting this under your original thread is also a good idea in case people don't read their emails or they are sent to spam. You've hit all the bases.
The protocol is... it's your seed offer, you make your own personal rules. : )


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Lol Cindy...Thanks for posting and answering Doris and Cindy. The person told me January they forgot to send it. (Jan 1) I just now got it (jan 26) Maybe the mail held it up I am thinking....I dont trust the mail service especially living in a rural area....B :)

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