Importance of direct sun during winter/dormancy

doomahxSeptember 23, 2013

Unfortunately it looks like summer is coming to end, for those of us with limited outdoor space that presents even more challenges.

My balcony receives no direct sunlight from november until march, the only light it gets is the sunlight that�s reflected off the huge white apartment building across the alley. Although there is no direct sunlight it is still bright enough to create shadows. I know that my passionflower and kumquat tree will have to reside in the warmth of my apartment but what about lingonberry bushes, lavender and elderberry bushes? All in containers. Will they be OK staying outside with no direct sunlight during the winter? I�m planning on bunching the pots together and insulating with bubble wrap next to a warm wall.

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I can't see why not some of them would do well...Are all those plants going into dormancy anyway?

Good luck..I hear you on the sun thing..I hate it


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When it comes to dormant plants in containers, light is not the issue... the issue is keeping them from freezing since they don't have the protection of growing in the ground.

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I would like grow hydrangea in containers on my deck. If I bring them indoors and put them in a 50 degree cellar which gets no sunshine, will they do ok? do they need some sunshine while dormant?

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