OK to switch to gritty mix?

lemeurice(7)September 7, 2012

I have several potted ficus lyrata that are growing relatively well in traditional soil but each have several leaves that are browning at the edges. I'm itching to try Al's gritty mix and was wondering if now is an OK time to switch. I repotted them into slightly larger containers when I first bought them in May but that was right back into traditional soil. I've never fertilized them (forgive me, I'm new to this) and I'm off to pick up some Foliage Pro this afternoon. I'm just eager to try some of the great tips that I've learned on this forum but don't want to do too much too soon and stress my trees.

Any thoughts? I appreciate any and all input :)

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Unfortunately I can't speak to ficus. I'm about to pot-up a small grapefruit tree I've had growing in gritty mix since the spring. Not sure what size pot you are using, but the mix can be heavy. Just keep the possibility of using perlite as a substitue for some of the granite if you are using a large pot. I'm sure some more experienced gritty mix users will chime in. Good luck.

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FWIW, Al suggested waiting until early May to pot plants into the gritty mix as the optimum time for my climate, not autumn.

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Thanks so much for your thoughts edweather and merlinus. I've finally got all the ingredients for the gritty mix after a week of searching but I may need to put off this endeavor until Spring.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Your fiddle-leaf figs will really appreciate the switch to the gritty mix, but I'd wait until next Jun to take the plunge with a full repot. After that, once the plant starts showing signs of new growth you can prune or tip prune. I really do understand how hard it can be to be patient. ;-) Unless you already have a line on the 9-3-6, don't be surprised if you can't just go out & buy it at any old store that sells plant stuff. It's often not easy to find ..... but if you found all the stuff for the gritty mix, you're probably used to that. I think it's a great fertilizer though, and well worth looking/waiting for. Best luck!


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Thank you for commenting also Al! I can't wait to try your gritty mix recipe. As it turns out finding the Foliage Pro has been the easiest thing to find. We have a hydroponics store right in town and they had it in stock.

Take care and thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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I have been happy with the response of various plants I have repotted into the gritty mix, most not done at the optimum time, but to save them from further decline. Last week my Plumeria I have been experimenting with for a couple of years, moving it around and trying to satisfy its needs, AND just keep it alive, suddenly collapsed, no doubt from too much water. I bare rooted it, preserving what I could of the roots, and repotted into a larger pot of gritty mix. So far it looks like it will recover, being staked up until the stem stiffens up, HOPEFULLY. Al

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