chocolate beauty sweet pepper

greengrass12(5)January 14, 2008

Has anybody grown choc beauty pepper from collecting your own grown seed? I read the following on Dave's site and I would like to know if others might have had good results.

Seed Collecting:

N/A: plant does not set seed, flowers are sterile, or plants will not come true from seed

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Hi Greengrass,
Chocolate Beauty is a hybrid so the "plants will not come true from seed" part of the statement is true. You can definitely save seeds, but you will get various types of babies from it. You can get lucky and some will be very similar to the parent Chocolate Beauty, but you could get many off types that you don't care to grow. Often people who have the garden space like to do grow outs from hybrids and see what they will get. Some people even keep only the plants that seem to match the parent and keep saving seed each year from them until they have a stable version of the hybrid. This usually takes 5-7 years so it is quite the project.

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Thanks remy. I bot the seeds at pine tree and they intimated open pollinated. Hybrid makes sense so I will not try to collect seeds.

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Hi again Greengrass,
I was reading my Pinetree catalog tonight while making seeds pkts. and saw the listing. I do hope it was an oversight on their part that hybrid was missing from the description. I would assume so since they do list hybrid clearly in other listings. If you were planning on saving seed, you could always call and complain(nicely.) I would hope that they might send out a pkt. of an open pollinated variety for you.

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Actually, Seed Savers Exchange also offers "Chocolate Beauty", and they don't sell hybrids. I wonder if there is more than one pepper with this name... or if someone managed to stabilize the hybrid.


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Hi Lori,
That is weird. If you google "Chocolate Beauty Pepper Seed", you'll see lots of hits for it listing it as a hybrid. So you may very well be right that someone has dehybridized it, but Seed Savers and Pine Tree should mention that to avoid confusion like we have here.

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i don't know, but if you do grow it and you want to keep it going, just take clippings, and grow them. that is what i've been doing with my tomato plants that i've gotten from my "tomato potato" i've also kept the seeds, but also hearing that they may not come true from seeds, (some people say) so i'm going to make sure i get the same exact one as i had this year!! i'm growing more than a few because i have a few friends that want that same one, because they had HUGE tasty tomatoe's so i'm rooting them and such. if they grow huge befor its spring, i'll just give em a shake and then that'll let the pollen go, i have a friend who grow's tomatoe's in his house and everytime he goes by it he does exactly that. he does that to peppers to. ~Medo

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