I need help please and fast bugs

for_my_kids(6)January 27, 2009

guys I plants seeds about a week ago i have had the seeds for awhile and I bought the soil from walmart it was solid (frozen) thawed it planted the seeds in he trays and today I found that most of them have been destroyed.

the surface has nat like bugs but there are little worms (and I do mean little) eating my seeds someone help what and i supposed to do? how do i get rid of the bugs?

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You can solarize your soil in the oven. 350degrees for twenty minutes. This should kill all bugs that may be in it, but it will also kill all seeds. It may smell a little, so be sure to put on your exhaust fan. I hate that cheap stuff from Wally World. I have no idea what kind of bugs that could be. I am sure some smart person here will be able to tell you though. Good Luck!

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I forgot to state that the soil I bought was the large bag of the miracle grow potting mix

How do I kill the bugs and worms and not hurt seeds that I have left?

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Perhaps you have fungus gnat larvae. ( a pic.) Fungus gnats lay their eggs in moist soil, and after the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on organic material and the roots of young seedlings. Occasionally, purchased bags of soil are infested with them.

Gnatrol is a biological larvicide used by greenhouses to control them; It is diluted and then used to water the containers. However, it is expensive and can be hard to find. Mosquito dunks, which are used to control mosquito larvae in ponds, contain the same ingredient and are cheap and usually easy to find. Simply soak one in a watering can for a while and then water your containers and the larvae will die. You can water with it from time to time to prevent the problem from re-occurring.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'm guessing that you are in a cold climate, and also that these are seeds you have sown inside in containers.

You might try asking at The Winter Sowing Forum explaining how you sowed the seeds, what they were, and where you are located. They might suggest you moving them outside, depending upon what the seeds are.

btw...you can add your location to your profile via the Member Pages link found at the bottom of every page here. The zone and location both can go in the one box provided for the garden zone. See I am zone 5/6 S IN. It will then be shown on your Member Page and will automatically be shown each time you post. Knowing one's location is often helpful info to have when answering questions, or considering one's answers.

Good Luck!


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I never thought about mosquito dunks, I use them in my rainbarrel. That is a great idea. I was surprised that bugs survived in frozen soil. My kids put bugs in the freezer to kill them.
Please let us know how you make out!

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