Watermelon and pumpkins together?

wasabi_VA(7)April 10, 2011

I reserved a 20x20 section of my garden to grow watermelons and pumpkins. I've never grown either. Will the watermelons be done by the time I need to plant pumpkins, or do I need to start the pumpkins sooner and this need to allocate space to both?

Also - watering...does the watermelon only need watering where the seed sprouted or do the vines also put down suckers into the soil?


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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Watermelons take a fairly long season so don't expect them to be done early. Pumpkin leaves are tall so they would tend to harm watermelon vines growing together.

Watermelons don't usually put down roots on the runners...but can if covered with a shovel of dirt at a point along the vine. Water is needed mostly nearer the center of the plant.

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Thanks Wayne. So do you suggest I plan on growing them at the same time but in separate areas of the space?

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Yes, I wouldn't mix them together. Pumpkin vines of most types are very long so plant them where they can wander out of the planting zone.

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Is it OK to plant watermelons and pumpkins in the same field in regards to cross pollination and flavor?

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They don't cross pollinate, but as wayne said pumpkin vines are bullies. If they compete for the same space, the pumpkins win every time.

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