Vine & Trellis Question

quiltingfoxJanuary 22, 2009

Just got my first ever metal trellis. It is approximately 5ft tall x 3ft wide. I am thinking about growing morning glories and white and pink moonvine on it. I originally wanted to plant to yellow and orange trumpet vine, but a gardening friend was concerned that might be too heavy for my trellis and was concerned the trumpet vine might actually bend the trellis. So how big do moonvines get and what kind of a trellis is needed for yellow and orange trumpet vines?

Best to you and many blooms,


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

I tried orange trumpet vine on a metal trellis once and it was forever tipping over from the weight.. these vines get HEAVY! This year I'll be training it up a few broken branches that overlap a chain fence and hopefully I can prune it well enough that it will do no damage to my fence! :) Around here the only places I see the vines thriving are weaving thru trees.. no idea what kinda long term damage that can do to the tree tho. Is this any help? :P


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Best to let the trumpet vines climb up trees. They can get very tall and vines get very thick.Don't let them grow on your house either. They attach themselves very well and can damage siding,eaves and even roof if they get inside of the eaves.

How about a clematis,aristolochia,clitoria..or for a pretty annual vine for butterflies and hummers...cardinal/cypress vine. Hearts in Puff's another good annual. I shy away from MG's 'cause they can be invasive in my climate...probably your's too. Moonflower vines isn't as bad as it's day time blooming cousin.Cup and saucer vine maybe?


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Thank you sassybutterfly and bigred! This definitely means I am not growing trumpet vine on my trellis. I think I did get a little clematis in a trade - will have to go look for it in my stash. How long does clematis vine get? I will have to google some of the others you listed bigred as I am new at vine growing (I grew a little bit of MG last year)(I also tried sweet pea, but it could not handle our summer heat)- thank you for the input. :-)

Best to you and many thanks,

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

There's clematis that grow big and then there's others that will only get 8-10-15 ft. You just have to shop around.

In our climates,sweet peas have to be planted early in order to do anything before heat and spidermites arrive.I gave up on them as I like something that will hold up and bloom well over the season in our climates.

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Thank you bunches. I will have to dig and find my clematis seeds I got in trade and google them and see what I can find out. I don't think I will be growing sweet peas in my garden as they just don't grow well for me with our heat.

Best to you and many thanks,

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