Stamped Concrete Release

SummerRobinJuly 13, 2014

Yesterday I had a stamped concrete walkway installed at my home. The contractor used a hand-scattered grey powdered release on the surface of the concrete. This morning when I went out to check things out, I noticed that my two new Resin Adirondack chairs on the front porch received a light dusting and although I scrubbed at them, they seem to now be slightly stained. I feel like an idiot for not moving them to a different area during the process but it did not cross my mind. They are brand new and rather costly so I am kind of sick about this.

The concrete team will be back today; I was just looking for some outside perspective...was this my fault or are they partially responsible? How would others handle it?

On a another note it rained last night and I hope this won't adversely affect my new concrete!

I apologize if this is too off topic for this forum. I wasn't sure where to turn for advice.

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I would ask them how to clean it off ... because they are the only ones who know what was used.

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How bad is it? If it is minor, I would just look the other way. If it is major, bring it to the contractor's attention. Over time, the chairs are going to receive a dusting of nature's brutality. Things outside don't stay pristine like things inside the house.

Also, you could try spot-testing with acid. That's the usual concrete product disolver. Careful, though, it's harsh on things for which it's not intended ... such as skin, plants or other concrete.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Let us know how this turned out.

It takes one time, and you learn for the future. Last year, we planted a small fig tree hoping it would grow huge to shade our dining room, but when the painting contractor sprayed the wrought iron rails on the deck close to it, the paint got on the tree and killed it.

So now we have replaced it with another tree, and this time, when a different contractor stained our concrete, I made them cover everything!

Adirondack chairs are not cheap! I hope there is an easy fix for your issue.

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