Comparing coir and peat

tired_of_digging(z10)September 9, 2013

I've heard some negative opinion about coir compared to peat. I buy a mix of coir and peat from a local company and the results are good. Did anyone use a mix of coir and peat before? How you compare it to pure coir?

Here is the original article: id=73:coconut&catid=83:daves-blog&Itemid=476

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I think the article you linked to makes it pretty clear that there are many potential problems with coir. And there is a wide variability in quality. I clicked through to the full text article, and I didn't see any reason to consider using coir. I haven't conducted any scientific studies, but many years ago I used coir in large containers and coco chips in growing orchids and seedlings. I wasn't happy with the coir because it made the runoff from large pots red. All my orchids and seedlings died in coco chips. I don't know what brand I used, but I heard from others that it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned of sea salt. I will never risk using coconut products again.

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