Repot season for indoor spr/sum bloomers?

Oxboy555(Las Vegas)September 6, 2013

I have camellias, gardenias and Grand Dukes that I want to get into 5-1-1 from a "decent" peat-based mix (lots of bark and perlite, but still peat based). I keep these all permanently indoors.

When is the safest/best time to repot into 5-1-1?

- the camellia is setting its buds now for spring display
- the gardenia has been blooming off and on during summer and has swollen buds now
- the Grand Duke seems to be between blooms

Found this post from Al and was trying to interpret it for my situation:

Rule of thumb: Temperate plants that employ some sort of dormancy mechanism, whether needed or not as dictated by climate, are best repotted in the spring but can be repotted in the fall or winter IF the roots will be protected from freezing temperatures.

Tropical perennials (houseplants) are best repotted in the month prior to their most robust growth period. In most cases that would be Jun & Jul.

Citrus are best repotted in early spring, but can be repotted in the fall or even as the plant is winding down from a period of robust top growth.

Houseplants are generally at the lowest energy level of the growth cycle in spring, so try to avoid repotting in winter or spring. They recover best when they have plenty of reserve energy to help regenerate roots pruned off during the repot, and their energy reserves are normally highest between Father's day and about Labor Day.

Any tips would be appreciated.


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I would wait on the Camellia since they abort flowers easily...How did you get flowers to bus without cold weather? Good for you

What Al says is always right on...

I usually wait until active growth in spring to repot all that you speak of but always emergency pot at any time if I think the old mix will harm my plants in any way, especially getting ready for the winter.


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