Pavers Walkway Question

serene123July 18, 2012

I just had a pavers walkway built from my driveway to the entrance to my house. It looks very nice..

One thing is the pavers are rather low and it is a big step from the ground to my house. The landscaper doubled up the paver closest to my house to make the step less steep. All other pavers are one level.

I'm wondering if someone has other ideas as well to bridge the gap from the level of the paver to the house.

Thank you


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please provide a picture.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Measure the height from the basic level of the pavers to the house. How much height does the extra paver add?

Chances are if it doesn't feel right, it isn't right, but without measurements no one can give you a solution.

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Hang on, are you saying doubled up as in your guy stacked an extra layer of pavers on top of the rest at the end of the walk? How are they attached?

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daisychain01(zone 3)

Shouldn't it have been graded so that the height difference is non-existent or relatively minor? A picture would be very helpful.

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