Seed Aholic?

aquawise(zone 4 Utah)February 26, 2011

Well here goes!!

My name is Gayla! I am a seeds aholic, But alas that is just the beginning I am also a plant snatcher and a seed Rustler. I cannot seem to just pass them by! They call to me to take them away. So I contrive a way to snatch them from there abandon homes.

How does one resist this kind of calling???

Right now there are some Beautiful old Red Damask rose bushes at an old house that call to me each time I drive by. I suck at starting Cutting so I turn the corner and don't look back. Then I feel guilty for not trying. The seeds Just hope into my cart at the stores. If I see them in some yard! My feet just take over and next thing I know I am right there snatching seeds.

I will go get some starts from that Old Rose. YES I WILL!!!!


Don't be shy jump right in an lets hear from you.

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Need you even ask if I suffer the same affliction? LOL I never saw I seed I didn't like. My favorite hunting grounds are the local botanical gardens. Any public gardens are also fair game but I do ask before snatching from private gardens. Not only do I search for seeds, cuttings are nice too. The best was when my youngest was still in diapers. It didn't look unusual to be carrying a big diaper bag. Little did anyone know that it was stocked not only with baby items but also my supply of clippers, baggies and markers ; ) Now I carry a picnic basket or oversize tote bag.

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what Karyn said.....


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ok, having pizza with sweetie tonight, great crust, sauce, having a nice time...something on my plate caught my eye. A tomato seed.
My first thought: I wonder if I could germinate this...or did the pizza oven ruin it...sadness...poor little seed didnt have a chance.
Is that silly or what !?!

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Gayla...glad you started this,amusing, reminds me on similar thread I've had going for a while, am sure it's still somewhere around here.
It's named something like--You know you're addicted to seed exchanging when....

Nancy, lol...we will never look at any seeds in a normal way once into seed swaps.

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