Question on Removing Tree Stumps with Charcoal/Oil

KendraSchmidtJuly 29, 2012

I would like to know what to do with the stumps of a small tree and bushes that have been cut down.

The stumps are exposed and I'm researching to narrow down what my options are to remove the stumps.

There are people here who burn it out with diesel/fuel, which I have no intention of using. What I would like to know is how to burn the stumps with charcoal, or another oil as an alternative. I almost feel silly asking this, but can something like olive oil or vegetable oil be used to burn the stump, instead of fuel.

I have absolutely no intention of simply leaving the stumps there. So please, any recommendations regarding burning it out with charcoal or some sort of oil would be helpful. Thanks everyone.

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Well, I guess any oil will burn if it gets hot enough. Look at how many people burnt down garages a few years back when deep fried turkeys were a fad, and they overflowed peanut oil onto propane burners.

Whether it would be efficient to do that to a stump, in terms of cost, I don't know. Most cooking oil is at least 8-10 a gallon, and I imagine it would take a bit of it for a good-sized stump. Of course, diesel is close to 4 a gallon now.

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Green wood will produce a lot of smoke, too - regardless of what and the amount you pour on it. And those who attempt pouring more fuel on something smoldering can get badly burned.

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I prefer young muscled guys with axes, shovels and a promise of a case of beer. More ecologically benign as well...

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I think you may have already addressed this on another thread or another forum, but is there some reason you can't just have them ground out? That is the easiest way to have stumps removed -- takes about five minutes per stump. I had a number taken out in 2009, they only charged $20 or $25 per stump as I recall, and one of them was a black cherry about 5-6 feet across.

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