Steep slope stabilization?

cakbu(9)July 25, 2013

I have a steep slope, probably 10' high and want to stabilize the soil from erosion. It is hard-packed right now and I can see places where minimal erosion has occurred. In my research I have only found references to planting on the actual slope. I had an idea of planting from the bottom of the slope, where there is plenty of room, with a rapidly growing vine with a good root structure. Vines seem to grow UP, so I thought it would be an easy approach. Is this a crazy idea? What sort of vines would be suitable?
TIA, Cheryl

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Google a list of plants for erosion control. I am not sure vines are best. My Sunset Western book has a list so you could try to google that also.

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This is a picture of the slope in question. The slope continues beyond that volunteer tree growing from the side of the slope. I have been looking at the Sunset Western book and getting some ideas. How would I actually plant anything? Dig a hole on the side of the slope and tuck in the plant? What will keep it from sliding/washing out? How to water if the water will just run down the slope?

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Yes. Dig a hole and tuck it in. Water slowly over a period of time with a soaker hose. The plant will not slide out if you tuck the whole rootball in.

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