Hello winter!

nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)April 11, 2012

We have had such a bizarre winter here in No CA!

Tons of rain in early September, giving us hope for a nice wet winter.

STEP on the brakes! NO rain for months!

Now we have the wettest March in a zillion years, and I think it'll be the wettest in April! We are getting inches last and this week! We might even get out of the drougt if it keeps up!

This has got my vege gardening instincts all messed up!

I'm fine with the rain and cold temps (OK, OK, so it's Ca cold temps!), the dark, and winter in general. I do have some winter veges to get me through.

But when the time changes, it's NOT supposed to get cold and rainy! It's time to plant!

I'm going to find some good sales and baby some plants, hoping that our April 15th LDOF will be soon!


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My last frost date is April 11. My low temps for the next week is around 6 C /7 C or about 46 F or so.

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Nancy, it sounds like we are in very similar situations---Ca. with last frost around April 15 (and that's the later date) yet it's been cold and rainy here all week. Really needed the rain so it's hard to complain, but it's also hard to get excited about planting when you can't see which thing to do next.
Angie in Hollister

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Yeah, loving this rain in San Jose. The plants much prefer it to city water. Keep it coming!!

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I'm in N. CA visiting my son and daughter in law -- and listening to the pouring rain outside right now! I'm glad to know the last frost date is soon -- I'm hoping to plant an orange tree for them before I leave. At least the ground is soft from all the rain.

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It's been HAILING here for about an hour now on and off. Oh, this was after the earthquake we just had. Really weird weather(for us)Not so much the earthquake. And really bad for my poor lettuce babies. :(


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