Have you been to your Lawn and Garden show yet?

NancyPlants(5bNEKs)February 19, 2011

Our local Lawn and Garden show is this weekend. We are going in the morning.

Wonder what wonderful things I'll find.

What did you find???

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its always nice to get a taste of spring at the garden show. I went with a wish list of 4 special flowers and 4 veggie/herbs. I was a bit disapointed. Only found 1 veggie and 1 herb. There werent as many seed vendors this year. I did get another pair of my favorite gardening gloves though :)
I hope others are enjoying a hint of spring at their garden show.

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in topeka? we went last year, we didn't get to go this year. last year i wanted to see the how they were using straw bales to make garden beds, but we didn't make it in time. LOL that was way awesome on the gloves!! where are you from in ks? i live just south of topeka.

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yes, Topeka :)
We live in the SW area. I didnt see the straw bale demo either.
The gloves are ATLAS Nitrile Touch. They contour to your fingers and with the nitrile on the fingers and palm you get wonderful dexterity...not bulky like most gardening gloves. The back breaths nicely and they last forever. I dont go into the garden without them.
Each year my sweetie asks what I wanna do for my birthday and each year I tell him...'take me to the garden show' haha
Nice to meet a local gardener :)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

There are no 'big' Lawn and Garden Shows near here, but there will be some sort of a local gardening show here sometime in April that I'd like to attend, if there is no scheduling conflict.

I do however plan to attend 2 or maybe more Daffodil Shows, as that is my addiction. I plan to have exhibits in the 2 Indiana shows and possibly others too.

Is anyone planning to attend a Daffodil Show or Festival?

The first event was in CA February 25th-27th so it is already over.

Daffodil Shows and Festivals will continue across the US until the last one is held May 14-15, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

If anyone is planning to attend the shows in IN, maybe I will see you there. Any daffodil lovers?

chemocurl...aka Sue

Here is a link that might be useful: 2011 Daffodil Calender of Festivals and Shows

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Oh Sue, I didnt know you were into daffodils. I just love them! I've planted over 1,000 bulbs since moving here nearly 10 years ago (mostly daffs). I try to plant them so I have something blooming in each bed front of the house all spring. Last year a neighbor gave me the type that has several blooms on one stem. Dont remember what type that is. They are tiny and their blooms seem to last longer than other varieties.

What sort of exhibits are you doing?? I'm just a novice and wish we had a show here.

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